Led Street Light

We all have seen the LED street lights on the roadsides, and it’s pretty much serving the right ways since its advent. Many metro pollen cities and outskirts areas have LED light as an essential parameter which pretty much indicates its pivotal usage, to get light.

However, have you ever wondered more about them? Certainly these powerful bright and illuminated white lights have something more to it. In this article we will tell you10 important facts about LED street lights that you might have not heard of before.  But before moving forward, let’s just have a quick look at LED Street lights?

LED Street Lights

The LED Street light or sources the LED power to deliver illumination. It comes with its own perks such as saving electricity power, eco-friendly environment, durable lifespan, auto adapting technology for light brightness, color rendering index and many more. Not to mention that it is pretty much an obligatory essential when it comes to urban areas but now, many distinct areas also have LED lights there. Generally, the LED Street light can be further classified into modular street lights and the full die-casting street lights.

Facts about LED Light You Don’t Know

1. 100% Energy conversion

Before LED light we relied on an incandescent light source. And that approximately converts 9 to 10% of energy fed into light sources. On the other hand the LED would easily and efficiently convert 100% of energy into light. That makes LED power not only in-demand but also the right choice for night time.

2. Doesn’t Contain Mercury

One of the most Important Facts about Led Street Light  is that it doesn’t contain mercury.  The design of the LED build is such that it delivers more power and less energy wastage. Like more major part of the Led light build as that of 95% is recyclable that gives you more privilege to keep the approach positive

3. No Damage no Sock

Talking about its fun fact, an LED light bulb is much more durable than that of its fellow electrical light sources. On average, these light lamps and Street lights are not vulnerable to serious damage from an external shock and vibration. Compared to an incandescent lamp, the LED bulb wouldn’t be any drop if you drop CFL,

4. Less Bacteria Production

LED Street lights are no less than a wonderful addition. For instance, you would be surprised to know that when LED light bulbs are used in freshly prepared food displays, the breed and chances of bacteria drastically become less and less. One the other hand the halogen or fluorescent might lack this property.

5. Durable Enough

LED Street Lights are not only efficient and smart but also durable enough. Many commercial as well as residential LED A-lamp producers have revealed that up to 50,000 hours lamp life on average on the other hand the new models 10 up to 100,000 hours. To make it pretty much clear, if you use the LED Light for the whole day, each day the bulb would last till 6 years. 

But if you shrink the time by 12 hours, the LED would last about 11 long years. However if you use the LED Light bulb for 4 hours a day, you will not have any concern about replacing it for 17 long years. Now that is something you’ll definitely find interesting.

6. Saves Money

The use of an LED Street light is certainly amazing and we all know that it is cost-effective as well. But the fact is if the US replaced 50% of the incandescent light just on holidays, the energy cost saving would turn out as $17.2 billion dollars which is amazing.

7. Keeps off bugs

Bugs don’t know science but we do. If you are annoyed by bugs , especially in August, switching on the LED Street light would play a major role to keep them off due to UV and infrared radiation!

8. Get light instantly

LED lights give you instant light and do not take time to be bright enough to see roads clearly. They have instant on feature whine is no less than a worthwhile approach. However the Incandescent lamps and CFLs need time to deliver lucidity in light for about 15 minutes to be heated enough.

9. Replaced Incandescent in 1987

You might disagree but the fact is in 1987, the LED light was an ever since rival of an incandescent lamp and we actually used it in vehicle brake lights, signal lights, and traffic lights.

10: It’s Not a New Technology

Yes we are using LED lights and seeing LED Street lights everywhere now. However the fact is this technology was in use before 2000. It was first invented in 1963. People were pretty advanced back in those days. Don’t underestimate!!


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