1.   Aim Long tail keywords

 SEO experts should pay attention to long-tail keywords. They are longer than and have a smaller search volume than common keywords. But they prove useful as they reveal the intent of the searcher..

Search intent tells you what people are desirous of. Long-tail keywords are easier to rank as they have a low competition in Google search. You can use the most relevant of these long-tail keywords that relate to your call to action(CTA) when doing on-page SEO.   

Keep in mind to make changes in your content to suit the intent of the users behind long-tail keywords you have finalized. 

Simple Strategy for long-tail keywords 

Analyze long-tail keywords used by your visitors and shortlist them to finalize those relate to your Call to Action. Make sure that these keywords have a lower cost per click, low competition, and a high search volume. 

Example of longtail:  How to rank in Google? vs generic keyword “google ranking” 

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2.  Pay attention to User Experience

Google checks a website on many parameters before deciding its ranking. One of these parameters is the time spent by visitors on your website. If visitors do not stay for long on a page and bounce back, Google decides your content is not what they came looking for. One reason why visitors leave the page quickly is that it does not load fast enough. 5 Seconds of initial page loading is crucial for conversion rates of a page.

Studies have shown that the conversion rate drops drastically if the page does not load within 5 seconds after clicking. Google takes user experience seriously. So much so that it has been presenting Page Experience updates since 2021 as a Ranking Factor in Google search

Ways to improve user experience

  • Make it easy for your visitors to navigate the website, especially when they are looking for long-form content. 
  • Do not forget to include a content table 
  • Headlines should be clear and paragraphs short
  • The text and images on the website should satisfy the query of the visitor
  • Information most relevant to a keyword must always be placed at the beginning of the page
  • Keep the image size small to make sure that the page loads quickly

3.  Internal links are a must

Time plays an important role in the ranking of a website.  Time Spent on a site is a Ranking factor in Google Algorithm. The time spent by visitors on the FULL website is another ranking factor as important as time spent on a specific page. Google algorithms give weightage to this metric when deciding the ranking of a website.  

The likelihood of a visitor clicking on the buy button goes up as he spends a long time on the website. This is not all as a long time spent on your website tells Google that visitors find your content interesting and relevant.  SEO experts say that a blog post must contain two to five internal inks. Your content quality is a signal that its useful which is the reason users stick to your website.

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How to encourage visitors to spend more time on your website

  • Content should be in-depth and engaging at the same time 
  • Include Relevant internal links so that the visitor to spend more time on the site

Internal links keep the visitor busy on the website. Chances of making a comment on a blog post or sharing it on social media will lead to more communications. Both these actions have a positive impact on the ranking of your website. Finally, a visitor should be able to get down to the three most important pages on the website in less than three clicks.  

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