Garage Door Repair

Whether you want to reduce your energy bills or increase the value of your home, there are many reasons to replace your old garage door. New garage doors have improved insulation, which increases your house’s efficiency and helps you save money on heating and cooling costs. This is especially important if you have rooms above your garage.

Reduced utility bills

One of the most important ways to reduce utility bills is to install high-quality insulation in your garage door. This will result in a more comfortable garage space. While this option will raise the price of your new garage door, the savings from the energy-efficient operation will pay for the investment. There are many types of insulation materials to choose from. Each type is rated by its R-value, which measures how well it resists temperature changes.

An older garage door may not be well-insulated so it will let in a lot of heat or drafts. These drafts can contribute to a higher energy bill. A new door may have a better seal and insulating polyurethane panels to reduce the amount of heat escaping. If you have a broken door, the energy savings should offset the cost of a new garage door.

In addition to reducing utility bills, a new garage door also increases the value of your home. Research shows that installing a new energy-efficient door can increase your home’s value by as much as 94%.

Improved security

Garage door replacement is an excellent way to increase security, and many of today’s models have advanced security features. Smart openers and cameras, for example, can help prevent thieves from entering your garage. Automatic door locks can also improve security. If you have young children, installing an automatic door lock is a great way to protect their safety.

In addition to appearance, new garage doors also offer improved security. Burglaries are a leading cause of property crime, and homes that are easy to access are more vulnerable to break-ins. A new door can deter thieves from targeting your home because it looks more difficult to enter. Also, new garage doors can be operated by smartphone or tablet, which can help prevent theft.

In addition to increased security, garage door replacement will increase home value. New doors are made from more robust and durable materials, making them more difficult to break. They also protect children and pets by incorporating photoelectric sensors. Additionally, new doors will improve your home’s curb appeal and energy efficiency.

Improved appearance

Adding a new garage door to your home can increase the value of your property. It also adds more usable square footage to your home. Not only that, but garage door design can also increase the resale value of your home. When most people think about improving the look outside of their home, they typically think about a total remodel. But there are several ways to improve the appearance of your garage door without doing a complete remodel.

A new garage door can be a simple design change that will increase your home’s curb appeal. If you are considering selling your home, replacing the door is a great idea. It will not cost a lot, and it can add a lot of curb appeal to your home. In addition, you can also update the hardware on the garage door to add extra security.


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