Packaging Ideas

With the passage of time, it is important to move on and design solutions according to the need of time and requirements of occurring issues. In the packaging industry, the role of innovative thinking is very crucial for producing up-to-minute packaging solutions new ideas, and tactics to deal with present packaging issues. The new ideas for custom packaging practice are critical to meet the need of time and industry standards. A good packaging solution not only provides protection to stored products but also conveys the message of the manufacturer and is beneficial for boosting business by attracting customers.

Technology is progressing at a rapid speed and ideas are taking place to overcome the anticipated issues in the near future. Similarly, in the field of packaging, new ideas about packaging solutions are setting new trends in product safety and marketing efficiencies of packaging products. Here we are going to discuss 5 top packaging ideas that are revolutionizing the industry in 2019.

1. Personalization:

Brands are moving towards custom packaging solutions in order to make them feel personally valued as it is an appropriate way to differentiate themselves from the crowd of similar brands. Giving a personal touch to a custom box means that you are appreciating customers by thanking them and providing handwritten notes is a modern-day idea for conveying a bold message about a brand. 

The latest example of personalized packaging can be observed in the packaging of Coca-Cola as they have printed random names to attract the maximum number of people for their products; similarly, there are uncountable examples of personalized packaging practices taking place in 2019.

2. Tear Strips:

Easy opening is a major concern for packaging producers to make the business stand out as difficulty in opening packages is causing severe implications for businesses as a reduction in sales and revenues are the major concerns of any business. To make it easy and attractive brands are imposing the idea of tear strips in packaging solutions. Tear strips provide a unified opening experience along with a convenient storage solution for the product to be packaged. More often we can observe that tear strips are used in shipping flat items like books but these are also useful to make a packaging container safe and effective for your product. This idea is making its place in the market as it is helping brands to catch maximum customers. Commercial loan truerate services

3. Stickers and Tapes:

Branded stickers and tapes are adding a sense of personalized packaging without any kind of additional expenses or budget. Printed Packaging Boxes with branded stickers and tapes are becoming the latest trend regarding attracting customers as these will keep the customers remembering about the brand for a long time. Custom tapes are increasing the beauty of packaging containers. Brands can make the best use of this idea by using these printed and personalized tapes and tags to keep the interior wrapping together and thanking customers in order to appreciate them for future dealings.

4. Rubber Stamping:

In 2019 the idea of rubber stamping on packaging products is making a difference with its decorative capability and catchy look of packaging containers after the imposition of stamps. Rubber stamps are a tremendous, profitable mode to create custom packaging while accomplishing an extraordinarily elegant appearance to attract customers effectively. Stamping makes your packaging branded and signature in order to keep your customers remembering your brand.

5. Box Sleeves:

Box sleeve is an additional feature that makes a curated unboxing experience through the outstanding presentation of the packaged item. There are multiple types of box sleeves that are used according to the need of packaging and product. These can be used to add a decorative touch and generate an exceptional carrying box for any product. A box sleeve is an alienated portion of any packaging solution that can be crafted from cardboard and plastic materials according to product needs. This idea has taken the packaging industry to the next levels of productivity and profitability.


As we have discussed above, the need for modification in packaging products is increasing with the passage of time and advancements in technology. In the custom packaging process, new ideas are making a significant impact on the packaging industry and increasing its worth and profitability. The ideas like personalized packaging, tear stripping, rubber stamping, tags and tapes, and the addition of box sleeves have lifted the packaging standards in 2019 in many ways. People are paying more attention to the latest packaging ideas and additions in order to use highly attractive packaging solution for their products.


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