Touris Attractions in Bilbao

Bilbao, located in the far north of Spain, in the heart of Basque Country, is a wildly interesting, diverse, and entertaining city to say the least. Bilbao is full of colourful architecture, bustling avenues, and lush, green surroundings, making it an excellent place to stop if you’re travelling through this region of Spain. There are modern museums, sprawling parks, and tiny streets just waiting to be discovered.

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1 Guggenheim Museum 

The Guggenheim Museum, located in Bilbao, is a true showpiece in terms of art and architecture. The museum is one of the most recognisable structures in all of Basque Country, with its wildly curving metal facade. This Frank Gehry masterpiece is a true masterpiece, which is why the best modern art collections in Europe are housed within its walls. If you want the best views of the museum’s exterior, go to the riverfront promenade, where you can see the entire thing!

2 Museo Bellas Artes 

The Museo Bellas Artes, in stark contrast to the Guggenheim, houses the most important collection of fine arts in all of Basque Country. The museum has been open since 1914, and the collection has grown significantly since then. The Fine Arts Museum houses works by famous Spanish painters Goya and El Greco, as well as many by Gauguin, Bacon, and Chillida. This museum’s traditional walls will make any art lover feel right at home.

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3 The Puente de Vizcaya 

While we’re on the subject of art, consider Bilbao’s fantastic bridges, which are both artistic and functional. The Puente de Vizcaya, also known as the Hanging Bridge, transports passengers via a conveyor system comprising 36 wheels and a suspended gondola. The bridge transports people, cars, motorcycles, bikes, and other vehicles, and it is an excellent way to get from one side of the inlet to the other. The Puente de Vizcaya, built in 1893, is still in use today!

4 Pintxos 

Pintxos are the best thing about Basque Country. Pintxos, the Basque equivalent of tapas, are small bites of something delicious on toast. These bites can range from local meat to seafood to cheese and beyond, but you’re in for a treat regardless of which pintxos you choose. Bilbao is one of the best places in Spain for pintxos, with bar counters piled high with these delectable snacks day and night. Pintxos are a must-try during any visit to Bilbao, whether for lunch, dinner, or a snack throughout the day.

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5 Puente Zubizuri

The Puente Zubizuri, or White Bridge, is another well-known bridge in Bilbao that was built to complement the Guggenheim Museum. The Zubizuri is a footbridge that crosses the Nervion River and is only a 10-minute walk from the museum. The curving structure, long tethers, and artistic features of the White Bridge give it a completely futuristic appearance. It’s a great spot for Instagram photos or to take in views of Bilbao from the Nervion!

6 Don Casilda Iturrizar Park

Don Casilda Iturrizar Park, Bilbao’s largest green space, is also a great place to hang out. The park’s lush greenery is surrounded by the city’s tall architecture, providing something to look at while relaxing in this emerald haven. When you’re not sprawled out on the sprawling lawns, take a stroll along the tree-lined paths, past the gushing fountains and duck pond. This is a popular city escape for both locals and tourists, so bring a picnic and enjoy the space to your heart’s content!

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