Given the broad history Nami has with her skipper, it just checks out that she has demonstrated her status as Luffy’s best crewmate in One Piece.

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Following 25 years of distribution, One Piece has acquainted fans with endless islands, towns, and characters; in any case, no privateer team is as adored by fans as Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hats. While Straw Hat crewmates like Sanji and Zoro get consideration because of their battle capacities, there is one person on board the Thousand Sunny that isn’t referenced sufficiently: Nami.

Despite the fact that Zoro was the primary person to join the Straw Hat Pirates, Nami showed up on-screen before any of her Straw Hat peers streameast. Given the broad history she has with her chief, it just appears to be legit that Nami has demonstrated her status as Luffy’s best crewmate on numerous events.

6 Nami Holds Off Hotori and Kotori

Hotori and Kotori in One Piece.

In spite of the fact that Hotori and Kotori, two individuals from Enel’s Divine Soldiers, aren’t the most grounded adversaries in the Skypeia circular segment, they are among the couple of affirmed wielders of Observation Haki in the Straw Hats’ excursion through Paradise. This makes Nami’s far-fetched triumph over them much more demonstrative of her entitlement to be perhaps of Luffy’s most confided in sidekick.

Luffy, Sanji, and Usopp consolidate powers to overcome Satori, the more established sibling of the twins, and thus, Hotori and Kotori find the Straw Hat Pirates’ boat to get payback. Nami and the Knight of the Sky, Gan Fall, consolidate powers to bargain the pair a conclusive misfortune, due by and large to the guide’s wily senses

5 Nami Defends Sanji By Defeating Kalifa

Nami versus Kalifa in One Piece.

Nami and Sanji have a broad history together, having each joined the Straw Hat Pirates right off the bat in One Piece; notwithstanding, the culinary specialist is typically the one to save his guide in the midst of emergency, as opposed to the opposite way around. That makes Nami’s loss of the CP9 specialist, Kalifa, considerably better for aficionados of the orange-haired hoodlum.

During the Enies Lobby curve, Sanji’s refusal to hurt a lady returned to cause major problems for him by and by when Kalifa (client of the Bubbe-Bubble Fruit) conveyed a beating to the pacifistic gourmet expert. Fortunately for him, Nami made all the difference by utilizing Kalifa’s fluid based capacities against her and shocking the CP9 part.

4 Nami Offers Her Savings For Camie

Camie in a bowl jail in One Piece.

Nami stuck to the expectation that social event 100 million Berries would free her old neighborhood for a large portion of her youth. In spite of Arlong breaking that understanding, she has reliably esteemed money as a type of organization well into adulthood streameast live.

In any case, Nami’s choice to attempt to utilize her reserve funds, which added up to around 200 million Berries at that point, to save the existence of her subjugated companion, Camie, denoted a change in her viewpoint. For Nami, who spent huge pieces of the series gathering heaps of fortune, spending it in this way exhibits the amount she fostered her sympathy.

3 Nami Puts Out Buggy’s Cannon

Nami, Luffy, and Buggy during the Orange Town curve in One Piece.

Right now in One Piece, most fans consider Nami an establishing individual from the Straw Hat Pirates; while this is valid, there was a point in the series when her loyalties were more uncertain. A valid example: her, Luffy, and Zoro’s stand against the Buggy Pirates in Orange Town.

In a demonstration of self-conservation, Nami fakes faithfulness to Buggy the Clown and catches Luffy (who still couldn’t seem to formally turn into her chief) as an indication of generosity; nonetheless, the jokester challenges her false front, mentioning that she impact her crewmate to bits. Confronted with this choice, Nami settled on her most memorable decision in light of a legitimate concern for the Straw Hat and put the circuit out with her uncovered hands.

2 Nami Asserts Herself As A New

Ulti in Wano in One Piece.

For the Raid on Onigashima to find success, every one of the Straw Hat Pirates must break their roofs, develop into a Yonko-level group, and rout a few fantastic people. On account of minutes like Nami’s triumph over Ulti, this eventually ended up being the situation.

A 400 million Berry abundance was put on Ulti’s head by the World Government — an all out that outperformed both Zoro and Sanji’s at the hour of the Wano Arc. Regardless of this abundance, Nami not just wouldn’t acknowledge Ulti’s requests to put down her chief’s name; she likewise made a forward leap with her weapon, Zeus, and utilized overcoming the Tobiroppo maximum capacity.

1 Nami Asks Luffy For Help

Nami’s Arlong Park tattoo in One Piece.

The Arlong Park circular segment is numerous One Piece fans’ #1 of the East Blue Saga, and an integral motivation behind for what reason is a result of the careful examination that the bend gives of Nami’s personality. One Piece watchers watch a large number of flashbacks specifying the impact that the Arlong Pirates had on her old neighborhood, meanwhile fabricating compassion toward her personality. Regardless of all that Nami was going through, she wouldn’t go to others for help, however after Arlong broke his guarantee to surrender Cocoyasi Village, she was left with no other choice than to go to her recently gained companion: Luffy. The picture of Luffy consoling his prospective pilot by putting his straw cap on her head is one that actually stays with fans more than twenty years after the fact, and it flagged the start of a relationship that has endured everyday hardship.


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