Mental wellbeing has serious implications in workplaces. Research conveys how depressed workers are unable to perform well. 

That is because there are signs of depression, anxiety, and difficulty at work. HR managers must be smart, proactive, and empathetic to identify the same. 

Work productivity results improve when they invest in workers’ mental health wellness programs regularly. Employees develop a thriving mindset. They look forward to meeting goals to add meaning to their personal and professional lives. 

However, that’s just a one-sided approach to viewing and practicing employee wellness at work. Learn more about it below in the blog post. 

6 Superfine Ways For Employee Mental Wellbeing Programs To Add Meaning And Purpose To Work Automatically:

Right training to employees and managers.

With improved employee mental health awareness drive, possibilities increase for required training sessions. Those are for managers and employees. These sessions help them more responsibly acquaint themselves with their work culture and expectations. 

Employees readily take up new training sessions to understand managerial roles better. Managers, in return, become more empathetic toward low or slow-performing employees. They change their mindset to know the real cause behind slacking and work together to modify their efficiency levels. 

This is greatly possible with the implementation of uKnowva workforce management technologies. 

Increased collaborations between colleagues. 

Active employee mental health programs help them to collaborate with purpose. That happens because employees have a clear mindset. There is less confusion and a reduction in negativity in workplaces. 

Instead, positivity and purposefulness replace their perception of the perfect workplace. Plus, the availability of employee engagement tools like the uKnowva social intranet helps them connect transparently. 

Reporting managers also boost their connections with one another by empowering them with the right tools. With increased purposeful connections, teammates have more trust, respect, and tolerance. They can frequently be aware of and optimally utilize the team’s synergy.

After that, it becomes easy for employees to complete their pending projects on time. Plus, their mental wellbeing remains intact as they interact to get work done. So, there is no time for negativity, office politics, or spreading rumors. 

Employees have a greater purpose of connecting and building better relations at work because they learn from each other. No single person is good at everything at work. Rather, they learn from their teammates and expand their bandwidth. 

Positive working environment to complete tasks creatively.

Focusing on mental wellbeing helps the workforce to complete each assigned project diligently and creatively. This is more of a norm in information- and creativity-based companies. 

However, each team in multiple sectors has to be creative in today’s world to win over the competition. Therefore, it’s becoming a normalized trend for teams to complete complex projects with prowess. 

For that perfection, the employee wellness at work must remain intact. Because the employees will not face depressive or burnout episodes. Rather, they exercise a laser-sharp focus that gets their task done on time.

With active and positive mental health, employees stay happy and satisfied. That means they bring fresher ideas to complete tougher projects before the deadline. It gets them to earn more rewards in less time. 

The workforce is open to new suggestions, ideas, and policies to match the trend. 

This point is similar to the previous one but has different implications. With improving mental health, employees’ minds work better and stay focused. They are ready to discuss purposeful topics to complete shared goals. 

This is frequently possible using the uKnowva social intranet to post new ideas and suggestions, cast votes, and stay updated. However, managers must encourage them to use these tools for the entire team’s benefit. 

These tools are accessible on the move and at any time zone. So, employees will have no trouble sharing their ideas whenever they want to. This process reduces dependency on immediate approvals while coming up with fresher ideas. 

Using multiple streams over the chat messenger, teams can motivate each other. That’s one of the core parts of continuous improvements in employees’ mental wellbeing. 

Plus, the system adds a dedicated helpdesk to sort their queries on time. The entire process can be mapped out to plan regular ideas. That will enable the company to automate its creative and innovative departments. 

Employees use more of their brain power while developing, discussing, and implementing new ideas. Their focus will not avert. Rather, it will be chiseled and become sharper. Bringing new ideas to the discussion table also earns them due respect and honor from teams.

Top talents get work done on time with a healthy work-life balance. 

Employees make their work more purposeful by keeping a healthy balance between their work and personal life. It’s necessary for any human being to reduce unwanted stress levels. They must live their lives to the fullest to return to work with new enthusiasm. 

Fortunately, uKnowva management systems help them experience that without faults. It can detect the early stages of burnout between teammates. The highlights will be shown to the reporting and team managers. 

It’s up to them to train and creatively empower their teams. This can be an exercise for both virtual and in-office teams. By indulging in teal-building and -bonding activities, employees learn to trust their colleagues. 

When there is more trust, employees can take each other’s help. That is also possible when they open up to each other in times of need and relaxation.


They can take the necessary time off work without impacting the overall team’s performance. Team members can plan their holidays in accordance with the demands at work. This works fine between employees who respect each other’s personal life and mental state to improve. 

Fair treatment for employees with similar work experiences.

Running active employee mental health programs involves giving equal treatments and experiences to employees. Employees who feel equally respected, involved, heard and listened to show up more actively at work.

Their presence of mind remains intact. That is very important to avoid committing silly errors or mistakes. Moreover, their mindset evolves to become self-reliant and self-serving using the ESS portal by uKnowva.


Mental wellbeing has direct links with employees’ productivity and creating a sense of purpose at work. They get a reason to return when they see their future at work. That is possible with the proper balance of mental health programs and workflow management. 


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