Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is an important part of digital marketing as it determines how often your website will occur on the search engine results page. This, in turn, will affect the traffic that your website receives. This is why it is critical that you have the seo companies chicago strategies well planned and implemented. With proper SEO strategies you can take your business to the next level and achieve the success that you deserve. You can find a SEO company in Philadelphia to get a proper idea about forming and implementing the right SEO strategies.

As SEO is so important, making mistakes in SEO may have some major negative effects on your business and lead to many drawbacks. In this article we will discuss the seven major mistakes that are made while formulating SEO strategies.

  1. Not having a clear goal

Whenever you are forming a SEO strategy, having a clear goal set is extremely important. Relying completely on SEO to increase your online traffic without setting a clear goal is one of the major mistakes made by companies and businesses. Understanding what you want to achieve through the SEO strategy will help you a great deal in forming and implementing correct SEO strategies. 

2. Ignoring the search intent of your audience

Another major mistake that you can make in SEO is not understanding the search intent of your target audience. When you know the ultimate motivation behind a user’s search you can actually include relevant keywords and increase your chances of appearing in the top searches. 

3. Not making your website mobile friendly

It should not come as a surprise that most people use their mobile phones for maximum searches. In such times, not including mobile searches in your SEO strategy can be a major mistake and can be a serious drawback for your website. You will want your website to be responsive and to load within 3 seconds if you are focusing on the mobile traffic. 

4. Not upgrading your SEO practices

Keeping your SEO practices up to date is also highly important if you want to improve the rankings of your website. Knowing traditional strategies is good but holding on to merely those strategies when search engines are upgrading frequently might not be the smartest move.

5. Buying links to boost website rankings

Backlinks are important in website ranking but buying backlinks is definitely not a wise option. It has been pretty clear that buying backlinks won’t actually increase your online traffic, in fact it may land you into trouble and cause you a penalty from Google.

6. Not focusing on keywords 

Not involving relevant keywords in your content is another big mistake that you make in your seo companies chicago strategy. Keywords will help your website to appear in top searches and will in turn increase the traffic of your website. This will help in building a better customer base and attract more audience. 

7. Not focusing on branded SEO and EAT

One of the main goals of a SEO strategy is to develop your brand, therefore it is important that your SEO strategy includes ways in which you can increase brand related searches. The EAT of your website is determined by various factors including recognitions, expertise, and author bios. Therefore, including these can be helpful for your website.

Many organisations and companies end up making the above mistakes while forming the SEO strategies and it can cost their business a great deal. This is why knowing these mistakes and avoiding them is important for your business to achieve the desired success. 


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