In the age of social media, likes and followers are more than just a number. It’s become a way to measure success, influence, and engagement. While it may be tempting to buy likes or followers to quickly increase your numbers, there are many reasons why you should avoid this practice. Let’s take a look at why likes and followers matter. 

What Are Likes/Followers? 

Likes and followers are two different but related metrics that measure social media engagement. Likes refer to the number of people who “like” or interact with your posts on platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Followers can refer to any platform where users follow other accounts for updates, such as Twitter or YouTube. Both are important metrics for measuring how engaged people are with your content, as well as how large your reach is on social media platforms. 

The Benefits of Likes/Followers 

Having lots of likes and followers is beneficial in several ways. For businesses, having a large following can help boost visibility by exposing them to more potential customers. Additionally, increased engagement with posts can also lead to higher rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs), which can help draw even more attention from potential customers. Furthermore, brands can use the data they collect from likes and followers to better understand their audiences and tailor their content accordingly. This leads to improved content quality that resonates well with their target audience. 

The Risks of Buying Fake Likes/Followers 

Buying fake likes/followers may seem like an easy way to quickly increase your online presence; however, it comes with its own set of risks as well. Having fake profiles follow you not only affects the accuracy of data collected from these profiles (since they don’t actually engage with any posts), but it also may cause those accounts to be flagged for suspicious activity. This could lead to account suspensions or bans in some cases—not something any business wants! Additionally, buying fake likes/followers undermines trust—customers will wonder if these accounts aren’t real then what else about this business isn’t true? As such, it is best for businesses to focus on building up organic growth instead of relying on artificial means like buying fake likes/followers in order to achieve success in the long run. 


In conclusion, organic growth is important when it comes to gaining likes and followers on social media sites like Facebook or Instagram – whether you’re a business owner looking for increased visibility online or an influencer hoping to grow their fanbase – because it allows you to build trust while collecting valuable data about your audience at the same time! Additionally, avoiding practices such as buying fake accounts helps ensure that your account remains safe and secure while avoiding any potential penalties imposed by social media sites due to suspicious activity associated with fake accounts that could have been bought by someone else before you purchased them! At fluid buzz we understand how vital organic growth is for successful marketing strategies so get in touch today for professional advice tailored specifically for your needs!


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