Flood Control

There are many benefits to choosing a qualified company for flood defense system installation. Here are a few of the best options. These systems may include an Invisible Flood Control Wall, Glass Flood Wall Barriers, or Swing Type Flood Control Doors. When installed properly, flood control walls and doors can prevent the spread of harmful debris, such as mudslides. You can find the right flood defense system installation company for your home by doing some research.

Self-Closing Flood Barrier SCFB

A Self-Closing Flood Barrier (SCFB) is an artificial flood wall that is designed to close automatically when the water level rises. This flood barrier is designed to be invisible in its resting position and fully self-protected while in storage. It requires no off-site transportation or storage, making it highly convenient for disaster preparedness and emergency response. The SCFB works by utilizing rising water levels to deploy, so it only needs to be deployed during a flood emergency. The barrier can be stored on the ground at the point of use, removing the need for offsite storage and maintenance costs.

The SCFB has been operating in flood regions worldwide since 1998 and is the only automatic flood barrier approved by the National Flood Risk Management Program as a primary flood defense. Its design is based on the principles of a solution created from a problem. Despite the fact that it requires no manual intervention, SCFBs are a highly preferred passive flood defense. Its design makes it possible to respond to flooding quickly and effectively without hurting the look of a building.

Invisible Flood Control Wall

An Invisible Flood Control Wall (IFCW) is a permanent wall constructed of steel plates that are embedded in a concrete foundation. The only part of the system that is permanently installed is the concrete foundation. The walls are constructed so that daily life can continue uninterrupted while the river levels are below flood stage. Steel bolts are used to anchor the vertical posts. The main parts of the Invisible Flood Control Wall are a reinforced concrete base, support posts that can be moved apart, and extruded aluminum planks.

The Puddle Panel is a proprietary aluminum panel system that is edged with a thick rubber gasket. The Puddle Panel fits snugly against the mounting plate, creating a high-quality seal. A stainless-steel mounting plate is permanently installed around the opening to be covered. Small locating pins help align the anchor screws. Large handles make installation easy. The mounting plate is painted to match the building’s exterior. Installation time is less than five minutes per door.

Glass flood wall barriers

Fixed glass flood walls are becoming an increasingly popular form of protection in flood-prone areas. These flood walls provide effective protection while allowing for unobstructed views of the water. The IBS glass flood wall is one such solution, combining aesthetic design with robust flood protection. It has been successfully used in major flood defense projects throughout the UK, the Czech Republic, and Germany. In addition, flood wall systems are flexible and can be retrofitted onto existing foundations.

Automatic and removable stop log flood barriers are available for flood protection. They self-raise as flood water rises, and are available with push-button or manual controls. Automatic barriers can also be enhanced to act as chemical spill containment barriers. These flood barriers can be ordered with CAD drawings and are available in virtually any length and configuration. Depending on the height of flood protection required, these barriers can be as high as 13 feet high.

The swing type flood control door

Swing-type flood control doors are an important element of a complete flood defense system. These barriers are available in various types, including the Classic Swing and the Integra Swing. They both have the same functionality: a barrier that opens and closes and the ability to latch and unlatch during flooding. They can be made of either mild steel or stainless steel, and they can be put in underground passageways.

Generally, swing type gates are installed in pairs and can be manually operated up to 6 m wide and one meter high. Larger models can also be automated. Sliding flood gates can be hidden between flood defense walls. Sliding flood gates are suited to projects where aesthetics are important and are especially relevant in conservation and heritage areas. Swing-type flood gates are also easy to install and operate, and are considered maintenance-free.


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