Benefits of Using Generative AI Technology with Augmented Reality

The two technologies that have the potential to change the way humans interact with the world around them are generative artificial intelligence and augmented reality. These technologies can work together to produce immersive, interactive experiences that merge the virtual and real worlds together. The evolution of generative AI with AR  is predicted to take place in the near future.

Let us understand what is generative AI & AR. The term “generative AI” implies the utilisation of machine learning algorithms for the development of fresh, original content, including text, photos, and videos. Several generative ai apps are already in use for the creation of such content. On the other hand, “augmented reality” (AR) includes placing virtual objects over the real world in order to create an augmented reality that can be viewed on a smartphone or other AR-capable device.

Generative AI models have been utilised in a variety of sectors, including the business world, law enforcement, gaming, and the military. Developers feel that the use of generative AI in the creation of augmented reality applications will be crucial in the future due to the rapid rise of augmented reality development tools and the growing range of their capabilities with time.

The possibilities are boundless when these two technologies are combined. The evolution of AI & AR together is sure to take place in the coming future.

How can generative AI technology and AR be used together?

After understanding what is generative AI & AR now let us explain to you the future of generative AI with augmented reality. Let us see how these both can  work together by considering an example of AR  glasses:

1. Virtual try-on

A person will be able to experiment with the look that a garment would give without even trying it on them. This is made possible by employing AR glasses to superimpose virtual apparel onto their body. A human 3D model of the person’s body can be made using generative AI models and that model could then be utilised to make realistic virtual imagery.

2. Interactive advertising

Virtual advertising content could be displayed in a  real-world setting by using augmented reality (AR) glasses. Generative AI technology has the capacity to generate innovative and attractive advertising content that responds to the user’s surroundings and actions.

3. Customised tour guide

A personalised tour of a museum or any other location/structure can be offered using augmented reality (AR) glasses. A virtual tour guide can be developed using generative AI to respond to the user’s interests and preferences, offering a special and customised experience.

4. Immersive gaming

The real and virtual worlds could be combined in an immersive gaming experience with the aid of AR glasses. Unique gaming environments and characters that react to the player’s actions and motions could be made using generative AI.

5. Improved education

Generative ai apps are already gaining popularity in the education sector, now the adoption of augmented reality glasses could enhance learning and education. It is possible to make use of generative AI to build virtual simulations and models that give students a more engaging and dynamic approach while engaging with complex concepts.

The above-mentioned points proved that the future of generative AI & AR will be stupendous.

Benefits of using AR & Generative AI Models together

The main advantages that AR and Generative AI  will offer are as follows:

1. Sorted Entertainment Interests

The upcoming generation would comprise voice assistants, virtual assistants, and AI-based technology. By recognising user behaviour patterns, filling their systems with users’ desires, and providing them with what they are looking for, they will make the market debut.

2. Making the World Automated

These technologies are going to substitute the role of the manufacturers when they make their way into the supply chain industry. Intelligent machines will manufacture, test and sell everything in the world.

3. Enhances Excellence in Training and Education

It is possible that human lives can be put at risk during real-time training. The quality of training and instruction is expected to rise with the use of AR and generative AI or generative AI apps in the education sector. The 3-D training offered by these technologies is going to be on par with real-time training.

4. Faster Manufacturing and Goods Distribution

By replacing human labour in the production and manufacturing sectors, AI and AR are expected to increase the productivity of the global supply chain. Nearly the entire world now relies on a huge supply chain known as the global supply chain as a result of the internet. Cutting manufacturing time in half and improving quality by a factor of two are the benefits of integrating AI and AR into the supply chain. Hence the future of generative AI & AR will be remarkable.


In general, generative AI technology and augmented reality have the ability to completely change how we interact with our environment. With regard to developing immersive and interactive experiences, we could potentially expect growth in the creative applications of these two technologies combined. It must be very clear by now that the evolution of generative AI with AR is certain to happen.

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