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This article aims to bring information about some important software that can help you protect your business websites from potential hackers.

Why do we need website security software?

Web security is essential to keep cyber thieves and hackers away from your sensitive information. There are so many types of hackers, namely, white hackers, black hackers, grey hat hackers, green hackers, script hackers, and state/nation sponsored hackers. Website and computer hackers are unauthorised persons who break your computers or website’s security measures to steal your sensitive information. There are a number of tactics that they use to assess the information that you never agree to share with them. Furthermore, your website contains all vital information such as customer’s order history, annual revenue report, and other sensitive information that obviously you would not like to share with your competitors. Thus, no matter what type of business you owe, you must protect the online platform by using website security software.

Top website security software :

For a fully secured website, you must know different areas that need security, such as malware protection, access control, cloud security, and remote workforce protection, to know more about network security. Fundamental knowledge of network security is essential to protect your website from hackers. By rating Beagle Security (4.9), Gee Test CAPTCHA (4.9), and Kinsta (4.9) stand at the top of the list containing names of the best website security software in 2022. Let us discuss these three websites’ security software in detail and enlist the remaining fourteen for you.  

1. Beagle Security (4.9)

It is among one of the most popular website security software. AI / Machine learning, API, and activity dashboard are among some of the leading features of Beagle Security. As per its user’s review, the most exciting feature of this software is good customer support, fast response rate, and periodic updates to protect the software from all potential bugs. You can get the best advantage from this software by using its training options, including webinars, live online sessions, and detailed guides. Apart from all, you can start using it without having a single penny in your pocket. It is completely free to use, but if you want a better option, then you can also seek help from some of its alternatives, such as SecurityScorecard, TOPIA, ShareRails, and Probely. 

2. Kinsta (4.9)

As per rating, Kinsta is also famous software, and people who use this software fall in love with it. You may wonder what makes it people’s first choice. Of course, it is a list of its exciting feature that make it people’s favourite AI app. Two main features of Kinsta include VPS hosting and dedicated hosting. Furthermore, web framework support, CMS support, bandwidth allowing, file management, control panel integration, E-commerce integration, database support, security tolls, and storage limits are also some features of Kinsta. Unlike the Beagle Security platform, Kinsta is not free to use; however, you can use it by taking a starter plan of $35.00. Moreover, if you are looking for a pro version then you must have $ 70 in your pocket. For business plans 1, 2, 3, and 4, you have to pay $115, $225, $340, and $450, respectively. Apart from all, there are many other packages, namely enterprise plans 1, 2, 3and 4 starting from $675.00.

3. Gee Test CAPTCHA (4.9)

Like Beagle Security and Kinsta, GeeTest CAPTCHA is also top-rated software. It is a CAPTA and bot management provider that can be your website and mobile app protector. It is best for startup companies or companies who have just entered the multinational corporate sector. Fraud detection, reporting/ analytics, API, AI/machine learning, behavioural analytics, dashboard, real-time alerts, spam detection, spam blocker, intrusion detection system, and web traffic monitoring are some features offered by GeeTest CAPTCHA. To get the start on GeeTest CAPTCHA, you must have to pay $3000 per year. However, if you are looking for an alternative then ManageEngine Log 360, Splunk Enterprise, PhisingBox, and Keeper Business are the best options.

Additionally, there is many other tools/software that you can use as website security software in 2022. With respect to rating, Cloudflare and Orca Security got 4.8 stars out of five, while ESET Endpoint Security and Kount got 4.7. Other high ranking software’ includes Hostinger (4.6), SiteLock (4.6), Datadog (4.6), DNSFilter (4.6), andAppTrana (4.6).  Concurrently, Acunetix, Security For Everyone, and Invicti got 4.5 stars. However, Zscaler got 4.2 and ESET PROJECT got 3.00. For getting a complete analysis of security software, you can find help from a dissertation writing service.

Bottom lines:

In a nutshell, the article has provided all the necessary information that may help you in deciding on the best website security software. Every single option differs from others in terms of pricing, rating and offering services. Hopefully, you have decided a one that you are going to use in the next few minutes. Stay connected to get more updates.


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