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Best Live TV Streaming Android Apps | Free & Paid. Are you in search of exciting applications to stream live television on your Android phone? This is the reason DigitBin has come up with the best of the pack that includes streaming apps that can be downloaded for free on your Android gadgets. 

Many of these apps do not stream TV shows via their servers, but instead, search directories on the internet for TV channel streams on web. Here’s a listing of the top Android programs that broadcast live TV on the internet via Wi-Fi or cell phone network.


Most people opt to stream live television shows on their android devices because they allow them to keep track of their favorite shows when they are moving. This is particularly the case for people who love shows from all over the globe and want to be up-to-date with the latest news, sports news, and a variety of entertainment options.

In this instant case, for instance, people prefer to use their spare time online by using apps like the NT TV APK, which gives access to numerous channels, which include games or shows as well as trailers for movies. This is extremely useful in their free time.

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GHD Sports APK

The program has separated the administrations of each into various groups to improve the user experience. So, you can find the most important video content. Since there are no fees for its use and millions of people utilize it. The latest version includes several improvements to the menu. The possibility to download, install and run GHD Sports APK through this website for everything you need.


AOS TV is described as a free live TV app that allows you to stream television for free channels from the Android smartphone. It claims to offer more than 1,000 channels. 

The interface is user-friendly simply search for the channel you’d prefer to view and you’ll find a variety of links beneath the player. If one or more of them isn’t working, you can switch to a different one.

TV Tap

TV Tap LiveTV is an application that is well-known for streaming live TV, films, and other shows onto your Android gadget. They offer more than 90 channels from European Countries and Canada, the Indian Subcontinent, the US and Canada. 

The app was earlier branded UKTV Now and is now updated and rebranded as TVTap.


Kodi isn’t a live streaming app on its own however it’s a media center where it is possible to connect to different sources of files and stream films, TV music programming, and other things. You can also add an IPTV add-on under an extension name “Cloud” TV on Kodi.

JioTV Live Sports Movies Shows

It is one of the most well-known Live TV apps on Android. JioTV provides. JioTV has more than 400 channels with sixty HD channels which are distributed across fifteen

Plex Live TV

As with other games listed on this list, It may require you to make a little extra effort to make it operational but the effort will be worthwhile at the end of the day. With more than 80 live broadcast channels, the ability to record your favorite shows, and the Chromecast casting feature are attractive to the users. 


Hotstar is the most popular source of local and international programming available in India. It operates on the model of freemium which includes some free content together with ads, and premium content that requires subscriptions. 

YouTube TV

YT TV is an over-the-top content (OTT) streaming subscription service available all over the United States. It comprises ABC, CBS, The CW, Fox, NBC as well as other networks. Cloud DVR offers a solution that provides unlimited storage space to your DVR.

Sling TV

Its Sling TV can be described as a good Live TV Streaming App available on the market. The ease of customization, the variety of channels, and the reasonable pricing make it a great application for Android-powered devices of all kinds. The Orange package is just $20 per month and comprises channel 31.

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