Educational Apps

The time is long gone when people used to consider electronically gadgets as a source of distraction for the students. All the attempts of the parents to drag their children away from these gadgets have proven useless because one of the most important aspects of their life: The Education, has brought them closer to it again.

It has become mandatory for the students to use educational applications in order to be as level as the students of their category. This is the reason why there has been the development of so many applications that picking out the ‘best fit’ becomes an issue. Finding says there are more than 500,000 applications available on different platforms that excel in different subjects and courses.

Availability of so many options makes the task of choosing a perfect application for you extremely daunting and tricky. Whereas finding apps for leisure activities are easy, but when it comes to finding apps for acquiring education without getting bored or tired, is a different story.

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Several statistics and observations state that educational applications are likely to make students interactive and perform the best to their potential. To make the task of picking out the most easy-to-use and effective applications, here are some of the best educational applications available on both Android and IOS that we have found.

7 Best Education Apps for Students

1-  Khan Academy

A free education app that fulfils the need of both the teachers and the students, Khan Academy offers an array of services. Their services extend from teaching/instructional videos to practice exercises and tests. As well as that, they also provide a personalized dashboard to every individual.

It is a non-profit organization that lets the student learn on their capacity. Along with offering courses for all the subjects, they also offer the preparation LSATS, SATS and ACTS.

They aim to provide education to people all across this globe which is why their courses are translated into more than thirty-six languages. The courses range from first grade to twelfth grade.

2-  Spark Notes

All the students of literature who are struggling with their literature synopsis and study questions should feel relieved because Spark Notes is an application that can help you with most of your literature work problems. Not only that, but the content on this website also provides you with an insight into the literary piece you are currently studying.

All the famous and the known pieces of literature are available in the spark notes app. And the best part about it is that it doesn’t charge which means you can avail so many advantages free of cost.

A Random thought: Similar to spark notes, life would become a lot easier for students if sensible weblog websites get their apps as well for both Android and IOS. It would become more convenient for the students to contact these people in order to get their work done.

3-  English grammar book

Having a complete command over grammar is the basic fundamental of doing anything that involves the English language with it. The app English grammar help is a great support to the students. It gives fine learning of the tenses, active/ passive voices, and all the other English grammar concepts. The app is free and is available on the Play store.

A lot of students who struggle with their English grammar issues can either get help from this app or maybe get their work done from available essay writing services UK, US-based.

4-  Zoom

Zoom is a video conferencing app, that also has a website. It allows you to host meetings with a lot of participants. Educators via this app can share lesson plans, give instructions, and communicate with the students. It’s a great platform for students to acquire education especially in the times of COVID-19 when distance learning has been made the new normal.

  • Chemistry help

If studying chemistry is not less than a mystery or a struggle for you than you haven’t heard of Chemistry Helper. It is the solution to your problem. The app explains all the mind-boggling concepts of chemistry and contains articles on them. Along with that, the app also has a periodic table to guide you all the way through.

Adding to many of its advantages, it also has an inbuilt calculator that is used to make calculations such as compound mass etc.

The application is for android users and is free of cost.


No need to be insecure while talking because of your low exposure to vocabulary words. offers you to learn words online and offline both. Not only does it show words but the application also pronounces it for you in order to make you understand the pronunciation and the tone of the word. It is free of cost application available for all the android users and is super easy to use.

  • Google Classroom

To make it incredibly easy for the students to complete and submit their homework and assignments, Google Classrooms were introduced. These classrooms by Google are considered as virtual classrooms. Educators can take classes, do discussions, assign tasks. Whereas students can take classes, do the discussions with the teachers and submit their assignments and assigned tasks.

All of the students get connected to the teacher on Google Classrooms by inserting a code that gives them the excess to the classrooms. In this way, the attendance automatically gets marked as well and a record of the assignments submitted is also made.

Towards the Conclusion,

The rise in the use of these educational apps is also one of the reasons why there’s an increase in mobile app development trends. As statistic says, educational apps are the 3rd most popular mobile app category that is used.

These educational apps results in enhanced classroom performances, and interactive learning. It also strengthens collaboration between the teachers and the students. The importance of these educational apps has been recognized by the education industry and there is no going back now!


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