If you’re wondering what a “track mat” is and why it’s important, you’ve come to the right place.

Pallet Tarp (Heavy Duty Tarp)

Simply put, truck tarps are heavy-duty tarps designed for trucks that have to travel long distances. Truck tarps are securely attached to trucks to keep materials safe during transport.

Whatever the purpose of your truck, you should use a truck tarp to protect your belongings from all hazards.

All departments use tarpaulin to protect their goods. Truck tarpaulins are widely used in trucking and logistics as it is critical to manage storage during shipping.

Advantages of using tarpaulin

Truck tarpaulins not only protect items from damage, but also from extreme heat from sun, dust, rain, snow and more. I saw many trucks with loads on the road.

It is very important to use a quality truck tarpaulin as it can prevent your vehicle from crashing and make it safer for others on the road. Arguably, the installation of heavy-duty truck tarpaulin is most important when transporting building materials such as timber, bricks, and iron bars.

Transporting these materials without a truck tarpaulin can be very dangerous for both the vehicle behind and the truck itself. To keep everyone safe, truck drivers or trucking companies must responsibly install tarps and all other necessary components on their trucks for safe storage and transportation.

Different Types of Truck Awnings (Heavy Duty Awnings)

There are different types of truck tarps, each with a specific purpose. Some of these are listed below.

1. Net linoleum

Mesh linoleum is not a hard material, so it cannot protect items from rain or snow. It is produced to protect the tank from small stones, sand, gravel and dust.

This means it will protect your belongings from excessive dust and debris, but not protect anything from rain. Mesh tarps are popular because they are lightweight and easily accessible.

Mesh tarpaulins are mainly used for dump trucks and trailers.

2. Lumbar tarsus

Wooden tarps got their name because they were used to transport timber. Lumbar shells are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polyethylene. This linoleum is used to protect the wood from external materials and can also be used to protect the wood from rain or snow.

Lumbar tarpaulins can support heavy loads up to approximately 8 feet. These tarps are usually made of durable materials, but not necessarily heavy. It is important to pay attention to the weight, as it is difficult for the operator to tie it by hand.

3. Steel canvas

This tarp is designed to cover anything made of steel. They are usually made of waterproof material. You need to keep your suitcase dry because moisture can rust and basically damage your steel products.

Steel linoleum and wood linoleum are almost the same material, but unlike wood linoleum, steel linoleum is not that wide. It is not designed to cover material that is too high on the platen.

Unisignflex Truck Awning Supplier

Unisignflex is what you need if you decide to buy a pvc tarpaulin truck cover because you have to drive long distances or because you have a haulage company to transport materials.

Unisignflex offers a wide range of trailer products including headrests, heavy duty tarpaulins and straps (ratchet straps).

Whatever your truck needs, Unisignflex is for you. Unisignflex offers a wide range of tarpaulins, including light tarpaulins, coil tarps, steel tarpaulins and bitumen repair kits.

We have a wide range of products that are not limited to the production and sale of tarpaulins. We have everything from trailer tool boxes to a wide range of truck accessories. In short, Unisignflex is the friend trucks are always looking for.


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