Exante Broker Founder is a phrase that is becoming increasingly more popular as the success of Exante Broker continues to rise. The person behind the broker, however, remains an enigma. In this blog post, we will take a look at the life of the person who created Exante and uncover the motivations and inspirations that led to the creation of one of the world’s leading brokers.

Early life

The Exante Broker Founder, Vladimir Maslyakov, was born and raised in Moscow, Russia. He was an ambitious child and knew early on that he wanted to pursue a career in finance. Maslyakov studied economics and finance at the Moscow Financial Academy, after which he worked in several investment banking firms throughout Europe. After gaining experience and developing his understanding of the financial markets, Maslyakov had the idea to create an online trading platform. This concept would later become the foundation for the Exante Broker.


The founding of Exante

In 2012, financial trading specialist Dmitrii Zaretskii created the online brokerage Exante. His aim was to make it easy for investors to access and trade global financial markets with a modern and user-friendly platform. Exante started as a full-service trading broker offering a range of financial services from stocks and bonds to mutual funds and commodities.

In 2013, Exante expanded its operations by launching best-brokers – a proprietary software that provides access to financial markets via multiple connected brokerages. This technology allows traders to choose between several brokers in one window, enabling them to take advantage of the best price available on the market. Best-brokers also gives users access to advanced features such as automated trading, market data streaming, portfolio management, and more. Since then, Exante has continued to grow and evolve, with more innovative products and services added each year.

The early days of Exante

When Exante was first founded in 2011, it was one of the first brokers to offer retail investors access to the commodities and derivatives markets. At the time, Exante had a small team of staff and only a few clients, yet it quickly gained traction and by 2012 had become one of the best-brokers in the industry.

The early days saw Exante mainly focus on providing access to commodities, such as oil and gold, as well as derivatives such as futures, options and CFDs. This allowed the firm to stand out from its competitors and attracted many traders looking for the most cost-effective way to access these markets. Exante also developed its own trading platform that was designed with the specific needs of retail investors in mind.

To further distinguish itself from its competitors, Exante also started offering managed accounts, which allowed clients to have their accounts managed by professionals. This service proved particularly popular with those who were inexperienced or just starting out with trading and allowed them to learn more about the markets without taking on too much risk.

The early days of Exante were marked by tremendous growth and the firm quickly established itself as a leader in the industry. Its commitment to customer service and innovative products soon made it one of the most sought-after brokers in the world. To this day, Exante remains a popular choice among retail investors and is continually expanding its range of products and services.

The growth of Exante

Since its founding, Exante has grown exponentially. In the years following its establishment, Exante expanded its product offering to include more than a dozen different asset classes, providing clients with a wider range of trading opportunities. Additionally, Exante launched its own unique financial instrument, the Exante Futures, which is traded solely on the platform.

Exante also continues to invest heavily in technology, introducing new features that improve the trading experience. These include smart order routing, algorithmic trading, and multi-asset capabilities. The company also launched its own mobile application, allowing clients to trade directly from their smartphones.

Thanks to these developments, Exante now serves more than 20 countries across Europe, Asia, and the United States. It has also become one of the largest independent brokers in the world, with millions of customers worldwide.

Going forward, the company has set its sights on further growth and expansion. With a well-established brand and innovative technology offerings, Exante looks set to become one of the leading brokers in the world for years to come.


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