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Twitter name and handle are the key components of the Twitter profile and to have an impressive account you surely need an impressive Twitter name. In this weblog, we are going to provide our users with some awesome Twitter name ideas which they can use so let us begin with the same so that users can use them. 

Tricks to Choose Best & Effective Twitter Username

1. Using your name or brand’s name 

The users can use their own name and or the name of their brand as their Twitter handle name. This is actually a good option to consider as it will be easy for other people to find the users on Twitter. 

2. Avoid using numbers 

Many times when users are not able to find good and best Twitter names they try using numbers in it and we would like to suggest to our readers that they should not do this. 

The first impression when someone sees a number on the Twitter handle is that it’s a spam account. Also, it makes your account look odd and it doesn’t look good. 

3. Keeping it short and simple

We would suggest our users not to use the entire character limit of the Twitter handle instead the users should keep it simple and short as it becomes easy for people to remember the username when it is short and simple. And the users can also go for aesthetic Twitter usernames which will look good on their account. 

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The only trick for an effective username is that the users need to ensure that the username they are using is a simple one and it is also easy for the users to remember the username which will help people find them easily. We hope that the information offered by this blog to the users was beneficial enough and the users are able to use it for their use. 

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