Nag Tibba


Many people today, including the older generations, love trekking. Many people make the error of choosing unsuitable paths, even though they’re willing to wait. You must realize that your Trek knowledge will be the best if you choose the right location. Today we will be discussing the Nag Tibba which is a small area of trekking that is ideal for beginners. We’ll also discuss in detail four reasons why this area is great for novice hikers.

Nearby Delhi

Because Nag Find more is so close to Delhi, it’s easy for novices to choose Nag Find More as a great trekking destination. You don’t have to travel or prepare for trekking in this busy world. This is why it’s so easy to do it all throughout Delhi. It would be easy to travel from Delhi and do all your shopping in Delhi, so you will never run out of things. You can get there by bus. The bus leaves Delhi at 11:00 pm and arrives in Dehradun around 5:15 am.

The journey duration

This route is recommended for beginners because they don’t have to be able to travel further. It is worth putting your determination to the test for at least two days if this is your first trek. You can create a 3-day itinerary that allows you to start from Pantwari, and then record the altitude up until you reach Nag Mandir. You must make sure you get enough water to avoid dehydration.

Mild Terrain

When you start trekking, you would not choose to trek on rough roads or difficult terrain. For this reason, the steep sections at high altitude and steep sections only last around 10 minutes. It is easy to trek in this area, making it a very enjoyable experience. While admiring the natural beauty of the region, you can also climb. Nag Image captures backpackers able to view sleeping beautiful women and views of the high Himalayan range. This gives them inspiration to continue their treks. Many newcomers are driven to get their prizes quickly and lack perseverance. This is why they can do it.

An All-Inclusive Trekking Adventure

For beginners, this is the ideal place to explore all aspects of trekking. The area’s breathtaking mountain peaks, stunning forests, and varied flora & fauna will amaze you. You will see many interesting things if you do a full loop. It is better to go on the circuit highway than to return to the same track.

Another positive development

One of my favorite features about the Nag Tibba Trek is its ability to be completed by anyone. It is easy to complete the trek, even for beginners, because it’s not far from home. You can return to Panjabari at any hour of the night thanks to the simple communication system. You can stay in small rooms so you don’t have to live on the streets while trekking. All you have to do is complete the trek and work within your limits.

Concerning Nag Tibba Trek

Nag Tibba, at 3,022 metres high, is Uttarakhand’s tallest mountain. This trek is a wonderful vacation spot for adventure seekers and gets its name from Nag Devta. NagTibba Trek offers adventurers from all over the globe the most tranquility and exciting hiking routes through dense jungles and meadows. The Nag Based on Two Criteria Trekking will amaze you with its beautiful scenery, lush forests, and amazing flora.

Included in the Nag Tibba Trek package:

You can share Atrium tents.

All meals are included: Brunch, dinner and supper

Public transport: It all depends on the modified version you choose

Sports: Hiking and backpacking

Here are some quick facts about Nag Tibba’s trekkers

Start and Finish Points: New Delhi and Dehradun. Pantwari (as per the variant chosen)

14 degrees Celsius to 2 degrees Celsius

Range starting at Nag Based on two criteria Trek:15 km

The highest point is 9,910 feet

Weekend Journey with Nag Image is a short and easy hike.

Comprehensive Experience Trek: Wintertime Winter weather, Meadows, Geysers, Himalayan Views.

Another safe trek close to Dehradun or Mussoorie. There are no rivers that could flood or landslide in the past.


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