Fathers dedicatedly work hard to keep their families in good shape. They are not only significant guardian figures but also torchbearers, leaders and utmost supporters of all the family members. Below is a roundup of at-hand gadgets that would make the dad-life of the fathers a little easier than before and help them maintain sound health.

Apple Watch Series 7
Apple Watch 7 is the most luxe-looking yet efficacious addition for someone who needs advanced gear that will be a companion in any weather condition, working actively to serve the user. The watch charges fast, can record ECG, display the heartbeat at any time and measure the oxygen level of the user’s blood. The screen performance is better than the previous smartwatches by Apple. Moreover, the Sleep app helps the user track the sleeping cycle. The dust-resistant, water-resistant, machine-learning-enabled keyboard holding watch will always come in handy.

Colour: Green, Blue, Grey, Starlight, Midnight
Display size: 1.9 inches

Dustproof: IP6X certified

Waterproof: Swim-proof with WR50 water resistance

Weight: 42.3 g (41mm), 51.5 g (45mm) (1.48 oz)

Operating system: WatchOS 8.0

Sensors: Accelerometer, gyro, heart rate, barometer, always-on altimeter, compass, SpO2, VO2max

GPU: PowerVR

Battery type: Lithium-ion, non-removable

Memory: Internal 32GB

Price: Starts from Tk. 43,000/-

Anker PowerCore Select 10000mAh Power Bank
Anker’s two-port power bank is capable of charging two devices together. The user can simultaneously recharge two compatible power-needy smartphones or smartphone-like devices like tablets, with the gear’s maximum power delivery of 12 Watt. The impressive PowerIQ of 2.4 Ampere makes it a feasible choice as a power-up device. The power bank is portable since it is lightweight and has a compact outer shape with a rubber coating. The other functionalities – short circuit protection and surge protection make it a great choice.

Dimensions: 104.4 x 64 x 25 mm

Battery: 10,000 mAh

Battery type: Lithium-ion battery

Input current: 2 A

Output current: 2.4 A

Ports: 2

Colour: Black

Price: Starts from Tk. 2,400/-

Omron HEM-7121 Blood Pressure Monitor
This blood pressure machine can record and digitally display one’s systolic and diastolic blood pressure and pulse rate. This machine has no complexities like the usual blood pressure calculators. With this handy gadget, calculating blood pressure is no longer a hassle. It comes with an arm-wrapper. Thoroughly following the blood pressure reports, one can take control of their lifestyle and head towards a balanced one.

Brand: Omron

Model: HEM-7121

Cuff wrap: Yes

Origin: Japan

Memory: 30 Measurements

Irregular heartbeat detection: Yes

Price: Starts from Tk. 6,500/-

Double Head Full Body Massager
It comes with a variable-speed, infrared handheld body massager hammer. A handful of quick moves with this device is enough to remove the temporary difficulties due to irregular blood circulation in the body. The massager effectively works to remove any sudden pain or inertia in any body part, especially muscle joints, shoulders, legs, and lower back. The motor-enabled massager is movable to different body parts. The lightweight feature of the gear ensures portability while travelling to destinations far from home. The infrared technology of the machine works beneficially to regulate blood circulation and delivers a comfortable massage experience at home.

Colour: Grey

Functionality: Dual massage and vibration, motor movement, infrared technology

Design: Ergonomical

Voltage: 220-250 V

Plug type: EU Plug

Power mode: Vehicle Power Supply

Control method: Computer Type

Push and pull switches: Yes

Price: Starts from Tk. 1,799/-

Philips Beard Trimmer BT3102/15
A beard trimmer as a gift is something any active adult man should appreciate. This Father’s Day is the perfect time to replace your father’s old trimmer with a fresh new one. While Philips is already known as a reliable shaver and trimmer brand, the BT3102/15 is an exemplary addition to its lineup. It not only provides a smooth and fast shave, but its precisely angled blades will also ensure a safe shaving experience – making sure the skin is never cut even during the quickest shaves. The device comes with a foil guard to protect the skin during closer shavers and catches falling and low-lying hair on the go.

Dimensions: 19 x 6 x 10 cm

Weight: 0.3 kg

Blade material: Stainless steel

Blade size: 1 mm precision settings

Power source: Battery

Runtime: 60 minutes of cordless action per 10-hour charge

Price: Starts from Tk. 4,000/-


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