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The Telangana government is providing gas cylinders to women as part of the Deepam scheme. It is a large-scale welfare program that aims to protect the health of women and children by providing them with clean cooking fuel.

In supersession of the orders issued in the references read above, the Government gives the following orders for the sanction of Deepam connections to women belonging to the poor sections of society to reduce reliance on forest for firewood, improve their health status, remove drudgery due to conventional cooking, and improve the general environment of the State by paying the cost of LPG Hp gas cylinder and regulator as per the rate of the Oil Companies in force from the date of issuance.


Switching entirely to LPG online gas booking for household energy needs can significantly reduce exposure to indoor air pollution. However, there are numerous reasons why people do not use LPG, the main one being the higher cost compared to other alternatives. That is why a subsidy scheme will benefit India’s poor people. Many initiatives were attempted by the Indian government, including significant subsidies for distributing kerosene through the Public Distribution System.

Subsidies for LPG connections like Hp gas will be provided for low-income households under this scheme. In Telangana, new users must pay a thousand rupees for the LPG online gas booking and an additional thousand rupees for the LPG stove and other accessories. The Government of Andhra Pradesh launched a subsidy for the Deepam Scheme to help reduce costs. Under the scheme, the government provides LPG connections to women from self-help groups who are from low-income households and have white ration cards. In Andhra Pradesh’s rural areas, nearly 373,000 self-help groups with over five million members are ending.

The Deepam Scheme Is Distinct from Other Fuel Subsidies in Two Ways: 

I) It is target-based, and 

(ii) It is a one-time capital subsidy in that it subsidizes LPG connection rather than LPG refills, as price subsidies do.


The state government will provide funds ranging from INR 1450 to INR 1600 for the following purposes:

  • Gas Cylinder Other Accessories Gas Stove Regulator
  • Documentation is required.
  • Utilize Bajaj Finserv app to receive significant cash back.

To Gain Access to This Scheme, the Beneficiary Must Submit the Following Documents:

  • White ration card
  • Aadhar card
  • The Tahshildars issue certificates.

Participants in the Deepam Scheme

  • Municipality Commissioner
  • DSO
  • Distributors
  • Resident or Beneficiary

The procedure for obtaining an LPG gas-like HP gas connection under the scheme has been simplified. The government issued new guidelines. The system will be changed to promote the scheme among people who do not have a non-LPG card, and the project will be regulated by the Commissioner of Civil Supplies. According to the new guidelines, district collectors will now identify and update all qualified cardholders who do not have LPG connections based on the EPDS database.

The Scheme’s Benefits

  • Cooking time is reduced while preparing food, and people save valuable time by not having to spend time collecting biomass.
  • Better social standing.
  • Cooking cleanliness.
  • Indoor pollution is reduced by HP gas

In terms of economic benefits, there was near-universal agreement that the most significant aspect of online hp gas booking was the reduction in cooking time. This was mentioned twice as much as not having to waste time collecting biomass. Other reasons for using LPG included increased labor productivity and the social status associated with LPG use. Regarding the impact on actual cooking, cleanliness, the absence of soot deposits on pots and pans, and making clean-up easier were cited twice as frequently as the absence of smoke during cooking.

The Scheme’s Implementation

Tahsildars have been directed to launch campaigns to raise awareness and promote the scheme. This scheme has chosen 29 thousand families from a pool of 6.35 lakh applicants. Until March 2002, nearly one million LPG connections were distributed through the Deepam scheme, along with 1.2 million rural residents. The majority of people are members of self-help groups, and the majority of women are poor. The scheme’s total budget is INR 3 billion.


It is well known that India, with its vast rural areas, has a large population that continues to rely on cooking fuel that is both unclean and harmful to the environment. Due to their low-income status, such families cannot afford the LPG used in other households.

As a result, the scheme imagines providing gas with the woman of the house as the direct beneficiary. This scheme would enable low-income families, particularly women, to make online gas bookings made by Bajaj Finserv app to receive significant cash back. And be the primary recipients of free cooking gas.

Given the scheme’s broad applicability, the number of applicants is expected to be far greater than the maximum cover pack envisaged by the government. As a result, the official announcement and the Deepam scheme paper indicate that the selection of beneficiaries will be based on economic conditions among the BPL groups as well.

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