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On-demand multi-service apps have now become the most essential parts of our lives! From booking on-demand taxis to hiring home cleaners, scheduling an online video consultation, etc. Gojek Clone App has marked itself as the champion! 

But, why are we calling it a champion exactly? Well, there isn’t just one reason for calling the app by this name but many. 

Let’s understand them one by one! 

Multiple Reasons to Call Gojek Clone App a Champion

This on-demand mobile app is enriched with advanced features that make service booking easy. Moreover, these features enable customers to track services in real-time, contact the providers, pay online, etc. 

Gojek Clone App

On-demand food delivery 

Using the Gojek-like app, your customers can easily order food online and get it delivered to their doorstep. 

This easy-to-book service is convenient for the times when your customers don’t want to cook or simply want to enjoy a meal from their favorite restaurant. 

Now, as soon as the customer opens the Gojek Clone App, they will be able to see the food ordering option. 

Now, they can check nearby places, browse through their menu, customize the food item if they want, and place the order. Within a few minutes, a delivery driver will arrive at the location to hand over the parcel to you. 

Taxi ride services 

Want to book a taxi? No problem! 

This smart application will enable your customers to select the taxi type they want depending on the number of passengers and the price. 

Taxi ride services

Also, these riders can choose to add a destination later after the trip has begun! Apart from this, the on-demand taxi booking service component empowers the riders to 

  • Use the SOS button to send a HELP message to five emergency contacts. 
  • Cancel the ride if the driver hasn’t maintained a hygienic space. 
  • Gojek Clone App also lets customers book taxis via the iWatch app. 

Order medicines 

In case of emergencies, your customers can use the on-demand medicine service to get the essentials delivered from a nearby pharmacy! 

Even if it is prescribed medicine, your customers can order them online via this app. To do it, all they have to do is upload the prescription on the application. 

Order medicines

After that, the customer can proceed with adding the medicines they want from the app. And in only a few minutes, the delivery driver will arrive at the customer’s doorstep with their delivery. 

While checking out, customers can choose to pay for the service in cash or online via their credit card or in-app wallet! 

Send parcels 

With this single application, your customers can also send parcels from one local address to another. 

With the ease of parcel delivery, your customers can send furniture, documents, or even cement bags to construction sites. 

To complete the service booking, the customer first needs to select a suitable cargo vehicle. Thereafter, add other essential details on Gojek Clone App such as: 

  • Receiver’s name and number 
  • Address 
  • Package type 
  • Package details 
  • Pickup instructions 
  • Delivery instructions 

The customer can choose one or multiple delivery addresses but only one pickup location. Every time the driver reaches the drop location, the receiver has to enter a four-digit OTP to confirm the delivery. 

It is only after the OTP is verified will the delivery driver hand over the package to the receiver. 

Hire car washers 

On-demand home services can be booked using this feature-rich app. 

For example, a car washer. 

Well, a customer has to log into the Gojek Clone App first, select other services from the menu, and click on car washers. 

This will lead them to a screen where various car washing services are listed. The customer needs to click on one of these subcategories to move further. 


After they have selected the service they want, a list of all the available car washers near their location will be displayed on the screen. 

Now, depending on proximity to the customer’s location, price, and professional’s ratings & reviews, the customer can choose to hire them. 

Also, they can schedule the service! 

In conclusion: 

Launch Gojek Clone App in just one to two weeks and see yourself earning tons of money right from the beginning! 

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