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Do you know that 42% of small businesses in the U.S. already have a mobile app? In other words, mobile apps have become an integral part of every business, be it big or small. Constructing mobile apps is not just a market trend but a basic necessity for businesses to survive in this cut-throat competition! As an entrepreneur willing to start a business in the on-demand industry, you should realize that mobile apps are nothing but assets! Here are some reasons you should consider investing in a mobile application like Gojek Clone. 

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Why Do You Need a Mobile App for the On-demand Multi-service Business? 

A mobile application can help the business by expanding the customer base to increase sales and offer global visibility. Here are some of the best reasons to invest in a multi-service app like Gojek Clone: 

1. Strengthens your brand image 

We live in a technically advanced era where businesses can no more rely on building a brand image with flyers, banners, posters, etc. One thing that matters the most is your digital presence. 

Launching a Gojek Clone mobile app is the best way to create an impactful brand image that can strengthen your business. 

2. It’s a direct marketing channel! 

Mobile apps serve many purposes, and being a marketing channel is one of them. People consume most information digitally. In short, with the application, you can provide general information about the app, provide multiple service options to them, allow them to book/schedule service, collect feedback, etc. In short, with an on-demand app solution, you can directly market your business to the customers. 

Moreover, you can keep the customers updated via in-app push notifications, newsfeed, etc.

3. Boost your profit earning 

The on-demand multi-service app allows entrepreneurs to make more money. How? With its two profit-centric business models. We are specifically talking about the commission-based model and membership subscription plan. Using the business model of your choice, entrepreneurs can earn easy and quick money. 

Besides the profit-centric business models, entrepreneurs can also make money through revenue streams like: 

  • In-app advertising 
  • Surcharges 
  • Cancellation fee 

4. Useful reports and analytics 

The Gojek Clone mobile app has multiple features, and advanced reports and analytics are one of them. The data collected on the app is valuable and businesses can use it to improve their operations and provide an unparalleled customer experience. 

Here’s what the two features do: 

  • Advanced reports: entrepreneurs can see how much they can earn, where they need to put more effort, whether to increase the commission or not, etc. 
  • Advanced analytics: advanced analytics tell everything about activities like the number of rides completed, a commission earned, preferred payment method, location with the highest demand, etc. 

5. Remain competitive 

Launching a mobile application isn’t enough. Businesses need to stay competitive in today’s ever-evolving market. With a multi-service app, you can remain in competition by offering your customers something more than just services. You can deliver an entire experience to the customers. For instance, an app like Gojek Clone offers unique services like: 

  • Video consultation services: allows customers to consult professionals through video calls without physically visiting their office. Customers can consult doctors, tutors, yoga instructors, lawyers, etc., using this service.  
  • Service bidding: with the Gojek Clone, your customers can start bidding for handyman services on the app. Real-time bidding can take place for services like carpenters, house painters, electricians, plumbers, etc. 
multi-service app

In conclusion: 

In the end, the only recommendation we’d like to make is – to launch the Gojek Clone app as soon as possible. With a huge market for on-demand services, now is the time to launch the multi-service app! 

Find the right white-labeling firm and purchase the clone app script! Start the app development today so that you can go live in 1 to 2 weeks!


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