Dandruff is not a serious disease but it becomes complicated to heel if not taken care of in its initial stage because if not taken care of hair it leads to fungal infection and hair loss or frizzy hair. Dandruff in hair gives itching to the skin and when a person does itching on the scalp with nails it leads to infection and this infection invites fungal infection. Fungal infection not only by itching it may come if not taking proper wash of hair or maybe a gap of many more days of wash and dust invite fungal infection in hair. Fungal infection is a great cause to our scalp and also spend a lot of money on the heel. So when dandruff will start use shampoo for dandruff and itchy scalp, so that you may cure from coming fungal infection. Many remedies are getting away from dandruff are as follows:

  • Do proper oiling and wash: it means dandruff comes due to dryness in hair or maybe a gap of many more days. So must be wash hair after two-three days because pollution is everywhere we can cover our body always but to cover hair every time not possible and before wash must oiling minimum one hour before.
  • Use lemon: lemon is good for hair use lemon with any kind of oil which is suitable for you like coconut, Figaro, mustard oil or much more oil add one lemon to it and apply on the scalp and keep it for two hours and then wash do twice or thrice and get a result.
  • Curd: curd is very good for hair to apply it directly on hair and keep it for two-three hours and then wash your hair. By curd, you get good moisture in hair and it also helps to make the growth of hair.
  • Fenugreek seeds: fenugreek seeds are having results at once keep these seeds in water the whole night and morning sieve them in the morning and grind after applying on hair with curd or aloe Vera pulp and get instant result.
  • Wide range: there is a wide range of shampoos on the market hair fall, anti-dandruff shampoo, repair shampoo or so many products are available in the market according to skin buy shampoo and many Ayurveda shampoos are also available of your own choice to pick according to your skin.

 No one wants to compromise with their hair as well as skin. so people found various product rather it is available in India or out of the country they buy because online shopping becomes closer to a buyer and a vendor. so you may use the best shampoo for dandruff and itching scalp in India or out of India available and make your hair dandruff free. Must use shampoo before reading its ingredients contain in shampoo. If it giving allergy or any type of skin irritation at once stop the use of shampoo and change a product because so many varieties and companies are dealing.

So a buyer does not compromise with the product and may go with other products freely.


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