Summer weather is fantastic, and there’s no better time to hold a backyard party or get together with your friends and family members. But summer also brings incessant and annoying bugs like mosquitoes, wasps, and flies aplenty. If only there was a way to let fresh air into your home without also letting in tons of insects.

Turns out, there is: install a door bug screen! In fact, door bug screens make ideal holiday gifts for friends, family members, spouses, and even yourself. Let’s take a look at how a door bug screen like Flux Phenom’s Magnetic Screen Door works and why it can be so great.

What is a Door Bug Screen?

A door bug screen, in a nutshell, is a mesh screen door or curtain designed to let fresh air in and out of your house while preventing bugs and large dirt or debris from getting inside.

Most door bug screens use magnets to automatically close after opening. For example, curtain bug screens have magnetic strips along their centers. When they swing open, they also swing closed and gently shut after you.

Bug screens are pretty similar to screen doors. However, many screen doors have mesh screens with gaps large enough to let flies and smaller insects sneak through. In contrast, a door bug screen has a very tight mesh panel or several small mesh doors. In either case, the mesh material still lets air through but doesn’t leave enough room for bugs.

Bug Screen Types

Bug screens come in several major types:

  • Bug screen doors. Bug screen doors can come as either curtains or as rolling varieties. The rolling bug screen doors look similar to traditional screen doors you can find at most houses leading into backyards or garage is
  • Retractable bug screens. These usually hang from windows or larger openings in the home. Like projector screens, retractable bug screens can be pulled down or lifted up depending on how much fresh air you want or whether there are bugs out at the moment

The first type of bug screen door is perfect for doorways into the home. The second is ideal for any windows you may wish to open without allowing the possibility of an insect infestation!

When a Bug Screen is the Perfect Gift

But how can you know whether a bug screen door is the right gift for your father, mother, spouse, significant other, or anyone else? Bug screen doors are perfect gifts for a variety of situations and needs.

You Have Lots of Summer Bugs and Flies

For starters, if you have lots of summer bugs and flies that breed between the months of April and August, odds are you or a family member can benefit from at least one door bug screen. For example, mosquitoes can breed thousands of times in a single season.

If you want to enjoy spring or summertime temperatures and fresh air, a door bug screen could be a perfect gift, especially since most of these are very easy to install by yourself.

You Want a “Let Go and Forget” Screen Door

Alternatively, maybe you host a lot of backyard get-togethers or parties during the summer months. There’s just one problem; many of your guests open your screen doors and then forget to close them. As a result, you have to spend lots of time chasing bugs out of the home.

You can fix this by installing a set and forget magnetic bug screen door. Magnetic bug screen doors close automatically yet quietly. Therefore, if a guest forgets to close the door behind them, it’s no big deal! Note that this is also a great gift for families since kids oftentimes forget to close doors behind them.

You Want Lots of Airflow

If you or a family member want to let more fresh air into the home, a door bug screen is a perfect solution. The right screens are designed to allow adequate airflow all day long without letting any insects get through.

This is doubly true for magnetic door curtains. Magnetic door curtains allow for lots of airflow but still have tight mesh panels that don’t let any insects into the home, whether they are ants, flies, mosquitoes, or any other pesky species you might want to avoid!

Consider Getting a Door Bug Screen as a Gift!

At the end of the day, a door bug screen could be the home improvement gift your friend or family member has been waiting for. Just one door bug screen may allow them to finally get plenty of fresh air this summer and enjoy backyard activities without having to worry about mosquitoes getting into the bedroom. Check out some of the many affordable and effective door bug screens you can buy online today!


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