Big-commerce stores are online storefronts that anyone can build with just the click of a button. These stores can be accessed on any device, including tablets and mobile devices, to make it easier for customers to browse their favorite products from anywhere at any time. You no longer have to work with an expert developer to create your store as you are able with this platform as they give you all the tools you need right out of the box.

Ways on How businesses can maximize profit on bigcommerce store

1. Create a Custom Logo for Your Store

Custom logo designs help set and establish business brands. Visitors will instantly notice and appreciate your custom logo when they visit your store. They can also use a custom logo in different channels like social media or other online platforms to help with brand awareness. Big-commerce makes it easy to browse through different fonts, colors, using an Al chatbot, and logos you can use on your site.

2. Build an Attractive Infographic on the Homepage

Infographics are the way to go when you want to create a buzz around your products and services. Adding infographics to your homepage helps increase traffic and raise brand awareness. One way you can maximize profit on bigcommerce stores is by utilizing the power of infographics. Bigcommerce provides you with many infographic templates that you can customize to suit your needs.

3. Create Discount Codes

Offering discounts can be very beneficial to a business. In fact, it can turn customers into loyal buyers who return to your store repeatedly. Using discount codes is the most efficient way of offering discounts. It’s also easy for customers to find a code if they need to know the product’s name, the brand, or what it does. Also, you can easily manage your discount code offer with bigcommerce as your dashboard makes it easy for you to create coupons and update them in real-time easily.

4. Add Multiple Images for Every Product

The more images you have, the more attractive your products look. Using images of the product from different angles will give the customer a new perspective on the product and make them want to purchase it immediately. Using multiple photos for every product in your store prevents customers from confusing one idea with another. Also, uploading numerous product images can help customers decide what color or size they want to order if needed.

5. Make sure your deep-linked pages and links are working properly

It would be best if you were careful about the design and functionality of your site. A website with a poorly created or branded deep link or product link can turn away potential customers. It would be best if you made sure all connections were easily recognizable. You should also ensure that all links on your site point to the correct page and product detail page.

6. Add Social Media Integration Updates

One of the best ways to build a robust database of potential customers is through social media integration on your site. Social media updates can include in-app notifications, live chat, and push notifications. When you update your customers, they will know that you are paying attention to their likes and preferences, which can increase loyalty.

Big commerce is widely used and preferred for creating e-commerce sites because of its wide range of features, capabilities, and open source. Big-commerce is the easiest and fastest way to create an online store for your business. If you want to maximize profit on bigcommerce stores, use the tips mentioned above.


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