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How Much Do Moving Services Cost? The average cost for a 1,200-mile move is $4,300. However, prices tend to be higher during the summer, holidays, and weekends. Below is a breakdown of moving costs by service type and distance. To get a better idea of how much your move will cost, consider the moving service’s experience and reputation. The more experience they have, the lower the price will be. In the end, this process will make your life a lot easier.

Average Cost Of A 1,200-Mile Move At $4,300

While most moving companies charge a fixed per-mile rate, the average cost of a 1,200-mile move can vary significantly, according to the American Moving and Storage Association. In 2018, the average long-distance move cost was $4,300. However, the price of a move varies significantly based on factors like distance, weight, and specialty packing. The price of moving to a different state or city can be significantly higher than in the same state.

In addition to distance, the type of moving services you choose will impact the total cost. Local movers charge by the hour, and long-distance movers base their cost on the weight of your items. The distance will also determine your final bill. A one-bedroom apartment move costs approximately $4,300. Many movers will charge stair fees. Moving companies also factor in time and mileage to determine the total cost of your move.

Expensive In The Summer

The summer months are the busiest time of year for movers, and they can be quite costly. Moving services are in great demand during this time of the year and are scarce in the winter. Moving services are more affordable in the fall and spring, when demand is low and supply is high. Also, avoid moving during the first or last week of the month, and avoid making your move during holidays. These are just some of the tips to make your move more affordable.

Avoid moving during the holiday season. Moving in the holiday season is extremely hectic, so most people opt out of moving between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. However, moving during the summer has many advantages. There are less holidays to contend with during the summer, with the exception of the Fourth of July. The weather is much more comfortable during these months, which makes the move more convenient for many Americans. However, the cost of moving services is higher during the summer, so avoiding moving during this season can help you save money.

Expensive On Weekends

Professional residential movers charge extra for weekends. Some companies, like NYC’s Great Movers, charge a flat hourly rate on any day of the week, whether you move on the weekend or not. Weekends tend to be more busy than other times of the week, with scheduled events and road closures interfering with moving services. There are also more people in apartments and on the streets, making weekends more challenging for movers.

It is important to note that many moving companies operate on weekends. This means you must book in advance and possibly face rescheduling. Some companies may even hire dodgy movers on the weekend, so you must plan your move accordingly. The cost of moving will also be higher on a weekend, despite the fact that most moving companies are less busy on the weekdays. Those companies that are less busy on the weekend may have lower rates, so it is worth checking on these days.

Expensive On Holidays

While moving services can often be more expensive during holiday weekends, the opposite is also true. During this busy time, hotel rooms and flights can be booked solid, and moving companies tend to charge more and have less availability. So, make sure you plan ahead of time and get your possessions organized to move as soon as possible. If you can, avoid moving during the holidays, as this will save you money and time. Here are some helpful tips to make your move a success:

First of all, avoid flying on holiday weekends. While flying is often convenient, it is best to avoid traveling on these days. Smarter Travel lists the worst days to fly around holidays. While you may have a convenient long weekend to move, experts suggest flying on Tuesday or Wednesday, when the flights are typically less crowded. That way, you can save money and avoid being stranded with no way to reach your destination.


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