Connect ps4 To Projector

PlayStation four or PS4 as it’s popularly known as, is a wonderful however reasonable play console that provides you a high-quality play expertise.

To improve your play expertise, naturally, you’d need to maneuver on to an even bigger screen. And what’s higher than shift to a projector to get pleasure from a mammoth screen size while not payment stupendous bucks.

However, it’s spontaneous  to question, “Can you connect PS4 to Projector?” If affirmative, then “How to attach PS4 to projector?”

If you’re stuck within the same quandary, you’re certain  a treat as a result of we’ve solved  your question during this article.

However also make some research that which projector is best for ps4. So, You need to analyze some projector reviews.

Is it Possible to connect PS4 to Projector?

Yes! It is possible to connect PlayStation 4 to projector, and it is an effortless task. Furthermore, you can also connect PS4 to an older projector, and we’ll talk about it very soon.

But, before that:

How to Connect PS4 to Projector?

Here’s a 5-step method to attach PlayStation four along with your projector:

  • Obtain associate degree HDMI cable (either given PS4 or your projector) and power OFF each projector and PS4
  • Connect one finish of the HDMI cable to the ‘HDMI out’ port on PlayStation four
  • Connect another end of the HDMI cable to the appropriate HDMI port on your projector
  • Power ON both the devices
  • Select the appropriate HDMI input source from you’re projector’s OSD menu to display the PS4 content

Thus in these 5 simple steps, you can connect PS4 to projector using the HDMI ports and HDMI cable.

While the steps concerned during this procedure area unit easy nevertheless, the provided HDMI cable together with your PS4 or projector perhaps around one meter long.

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However, if your projector is ceiling mounted or there’s a major quantity of distance between your PS4 and projector. You’d want a awfully long HDMI cable, i.e., 10-feet or 15-feet HDMI cable, to create a correct affiliation.

What if I already have a long HDMI cable connected to the projector?

Suppose you have already got another device connected to the projector through a protracted cable. you are doing not have to be compelled to get another long cable.

In such a case, you may connect 2 devices to a projector via one cable. a tool like associate HDMI switch can assist you connect 2 devices to a projector with one cable.

Let’s say you wish to attach a cable TV and PS4 to one HDMI port on your projector and one long cable.

You can get associate HDMI switch like this one. With this device, you’ll be able to connect your Cable TV and PS4 to at least one finish of the HDMI switch with HDMI cables. whereas through the opposite finish, you’ll be able to connect your long HDMI cable from the HDMI switch to the HDMI port on your projector.

To toggle between the input sources, you can press the button on the HDMI switch. This button will cycle through your Cable TV and PS4 input.

How to connect PS4 to projector without HDMI port or cable?

It is attainable that you’d have associate degree previous projector that doesn’t sport associate degree HDMI port. In such a situation, you’ll want associate degree HDMI adapter that sports a similar affiliation port on your projector.

Suppose your projector incorporates a VGA port. during this case, you’ll get associate degree HDMI to VGA adapter for your PS4. mistreatment this adapter, you’ll connect your PS4 to HDMI via a VGA cable.

Furthermore, instead of an adapter, you can directly buy an HDMI to VGA cable. This cable will transfer and convert digital signals from the HDMI port to an analog signal via a VGA port.


The main pupose of this article was to discuss some questions like:

  • Can you connect PS4 to a projector
  • how to connect projector to ps4 with or without HDMI Cable.


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