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It’s 2022 and we’re entering a whole new year and perhaps some really good things await us. As 2022 draws near, we know that most people spend Christmas in plazas or clubs. It was pretty cool for me because I stayed at home because I had my mom and my sister. So I decided to use a laptop to see what everyone was doing. After spending a few minutes on Twitter, I thought I might check out some video chat sites like Omegle TV and others. To see if people actually spent Christmas there. Surprisingly, many people spent the evening at Omegle TV and formed more groups so that everyone could spend the evening together. Like Omegle, Chatroulette, etc. It also happened to other sites I visited.

At the time, 90% of us wondered if we could organize a large online event this way in 10 years.

When I went to Omegle TV there were over 100,000 threads and the number kept growing. I decided to subscribe to popular topics on the homepage. In fact, I’ve always been a Omegle tv lover and love to spy on funny posts. The broadcast I attended that evening was full of 12 camera slots and people came and went. Happy new year, everyone. It was pretty fun, especially since people said most people who do this kind of thing are “losers.” Most of the people who attended the history class looked like perfectly normal children. Most streamers were staying at Omegle TV, chatting, flirting and waiting for the New Year to come, and I thought it was pretty cool to hang out with completely strangers 5 minutes before this point.

So, after spending a few minutes on Omegle TV, I decided to check Omegle and Chatroulette to see if people randomly chat on New Year’s Eve. As I thought, over 25,000 people were online for each service. I logged in and most of the people I met either screamed or wished me good luck. It was also nice to see most of the people in the group. So it’s on Omegle that brings together different groups of friends from all over the world and Happy New Year to each other.

So after visiting a few different video chat sites I was really impressed with how many people are actually online, using webcams on the 31st and 1st and mostly with strangers. So what will happen in 10 years? Will more people organize these events online or in person with friends and other strangers around the world? What do you think about it?

Random chat review

A new trend in cat behavior since 2022 has been the advent of random chat services and “media coverage”. However, this service was not the first to appear on the market and in fact other chat services have been available since 2021.

But what sets the new one apart is the use of webcams that allow users to chat with each other randomly, without registration or login. Go to the site, turn on your webcam and agree voila.

The idea quickly became popular. Take a look at Google’s trends for the keyword “random chat” and see how it has grown exponentially in a very short period of time. The scale provided by Google Trends is 20-30.

On the other hand, the keyword ‘indifferent conversation’ started soaring from the fourth quarter of 2019 to the fifth to eighth places.

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What does it mean?

In fact, it shows that people prefer websites that are easy to navigate. This is especially true for those who do not intend to build long-term relationships. So it was coincidence and the mysterious side of the temptation to meet someone else. Just thinking “Who’s next?” can help users figure out what’s behind each button press.

But it comes at a cost. In theory, it’s tempting to talk to random people from all over the world, but hitting the “next” button over and over makes the experience completely pointless. In fact, you rarely get a chance to speak because you are always guided by your sense of the next person.

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