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POKEMON! Gotta catch 'em all!

Waking up early on Sunday mornings and staying up till late just to watch our favorite shows. Brings back all the good memories of our childhood, wish we could turn back time to the good old days. Although we can still sit in front of the TV and watch whatever is on it but it will never be the same as it was when we were kids.

A lot of us used to watch cartoons on WatchCartoonOnline and it had loads of cartoons and Anime and just like every great thing, it came to an end and doesn’t work anymore.

Don’t be sad, we got some great websites for you where you can watch unlimited cartoons and Anime online and mostly for free. So are you ready to watch all your favorite childhood cartoons and also new ones online as well?

Now you seem excited! Let’s get into it!

• Cartoons on

• Kiss Anime

• Kiss Cartoon

• 9Anime

• Nickelodeon

• GoGo Anime

• Toonjet

• Disney Junior

• Super Cartoon

• Anime Freak

• Watch OP

• Crunchyroll

• Anime Dao

• Anime Heaven

• Chia-Anime

• 123Movies

• YesMovies

• Popcornflix

• Popcorn Time

• Lunchflix

• FMovies

• GoMoviesFree

• Putlocker

• CMovies

• Mo Online

Cartoons On-

From Archie’s Weird Mysteries to Rick and Morty, you can watch a lot of shows on From 90’s classics to 2020’s sci-fi adventures, you can watch any show you want for free! So what are you waiting for? Go there and enjoy your favorite cartoon episodes and seasons just in one place!

Kiss Anime-

Nani!! You haven’t watched Anime in a while?  People forget about watching Anime because they either don’t have enough time or they can’t find whatever Anime they want to watch online. We all have the struggle to find a legit working website to watch some Anime like Dragon Ball Z or Beyblade or Attack on Titan.

Well, you don’t have to go through all the hassle if go on KissAnime to watch your favorite Anime and at a very great price of £0.00.

We see you clicking away but hey, it’s up to you, and we have got even more and better websites coming up in the list!

Kiss Cartoon-

Do you want to watch The Simpsons or Dexter’s Laboratory? Search no more because kisscartoon has all your favorite cartoon shows available online from Powerpuff Girls to Futurama. You can watch all the episodes and seasons of all the cartoon shows online in the best quality available.

Just a random prompt, who’d be a better free essay typer? Blossom, Lisa, or Dexter?


One of the best websites out there to watch Anime!

9Anime has Animes categorized in categories and a huge amount of old and new Animes are available in dubbed and subbed audios as well. So it doesn’t matter if you want to watch Anime with subtitles and Japanese audio or English audio, you can watch it all!

9Anime is very easy to use with its great interface and features. You can sign up as well to save playlists and mark your watched Animes so you don’t get lost in what episode you watched and what you have to watch next.

Don’t worry, we have even more websites with different content for you!


Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

If you know the answer to it, you have had a great childhood. The question is, do you want to relive it? Of course, you do!

Watch Spongebob Squarepants, Jimmy Neutron or the Avatar online on You can also play exciting and fun games online on the website based on your favorite shows so it’s a win-win for everyone!

On a side note, if there is any show that got banned from the nick channel due to being 15+ then you can watch it on there as well.

GoGo Anime-

How much of Anime is enough? None!

GogoAnime is another great Anime website for you just in case other websites don’t work or are down.

GogoAnime offers a whole lot of Anime series and Anime movies in Japanese audio with English subtitles as well as English audios. GoGo Anime has a wide variety of Anime that you can watch forever and never get tired of it.



Rings a bell? Well, it might not unless you are a vintage cartoon fan.

If you like 30s cartoons like Mickey Mouse, Betty Boop, and Popeye. Toonjet is the best place for you! You can watch unlimited vintage classic cartoons online there. Although it can be a good website to surprise your parents or grandparents with a hit of nostalgia and see them reminisce about their childhood.

Disney Junior-

You’re looking for websites where your kids or younger siblings can watch cartoons? Look no more! Disney Junior is one of the best online streaming websites for the kids which has a large number of shows, games and original Disney movies to stream online on paid subscriptions.

Disney Now has content for everyone with their world-known categories such as Disney Princesses, Disney Junior, Disney XD, Star Wars, Marvel and Anime. So go and start binging on your favorite shows like Pokémon, Star Wars, Beyblade and many more right now!

You can use your already existing TV subscription such as Verizon or AT&T or YouTube TV to sign in on Disney Now at any time. Although there is a lot of content to watch on Disney Now, it is available in the U.S only at the moment.

Super Cartoons-

Super Cartoons offer you a super amount of cartoons but hey, if you think that there are only superhero cartoons there, then you could be very wrong. Well, there are superhero cartoons but there are also a lot of classic cartoons like all the Looney Tunes, Popeye: The Sailor Man, Scooby-Doo, Mickey Mouse and a lot more.

Super Cartoons have a very unique feature that lets you filter the search by cartoon characters i.e. you can click on the characters tab and see all the characters available on the website when you click on your favorite character. You will see all the episodes that character has been in. A great tool for all of the die heart fans!

Anime Freak-

You are an anime lover and you haven’t seen Demon Slayer yet?

It’s totally understandable that we’re all grown up adults and have our own responsibilities and jobs and what not but hobbies should be kept alive no matter what. Watching anime is actually a great way to relax and have fun unless you want to watch something really stressful anime like School days or Clannad.

Anime Freak is one of the best Anime streaming websites available at the moment with thousands of episodes in both dubbed and original audios. The choice is up to you if you still want to watch anime and enjoy your life with peak entertainment.

Watch OP-

The adventures of Straw Hat are famous across the globe and they don’t seem to stop anytime soon.

One Piece deserves a separate website with the amount of fan following it has around the world. On Watch OP you can watch every single episode to date. The website also has a countdown for the die-heart fans who can’t wait so they can see every passing second on the website’s front page as they wait for the next episode.

Watch OP is a great place for One Piece lovers but the only downside of this website is that the domain often gets banned and then only the suffix (which is .io at the moment) is changed to renew the domain. So keep updated with the website so you don’t lose it.


How can we forget one of the best websites out there to watch anime? The anime lover’s heaven: Crunchyroll.

Crunchyroll is no doubt one of the best services specially made for the Otakus! It’s too good to be free but it still has free features. You can watch a limited amount of animes for free on Crunchyroll but have to go through all the annoying ads and popups and whatsoever. If you buy a premium subscription you can watch thousands of anime episodes on Crunchyroll with no hassle at all! 

Crunchyroll is available on a wide number of platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Playstation, XBOX, Wii U, Amazon Fire TV, Roku and a lot more. Watch anywhere, anytime and on any device with Crunchyroll so the otaku inside you is never bored!

Anime Dao-

Are you confused about what anime you should watch?

Anime Dao has some cool features like it has a separate tab for upcoming anime which shows you what anime is going to be released and uploaded soon. It also has all the famous anime like My Hero Academia, One Piece, Seven Deadly Sins, Demon Slayer, Naruto, and a lot more.

So whether you want to watch a totally new anime or a world-famous anime, Anime Dao is a great website to watch them uninterrupted without any inconvenience.

Anime Heaven-

A one-stop for anime lovers. Anime Heaven, one of the best places to stream high-quality anime any time you want.

Anime Heaven has great features for users such as the ongoing series tab which shows you all the animes that are being aired currently. The popular tab that shows you all the top-rated animes and the random tab will take you to a totally random anime if you’re too bored and can’t decide what anime you want to watch.

Anime heaven also has a schedule for the ongoing animes so you know when to leave all your work and watch your favorite anime’s new episode the moment it gets uploaded!

Another cool thing about Anime Heaven is that if you have a slow internet connection that doesn’t let you stream or have connection problems or if you just like to watch anime when you’re out in public. You can download an unlimited amount of episodes from Anime Heaven on your phone’s storage or your laptop’s hard drive to watch later. So you’re never ever bored and not watching anime.

Chia Anime-

Anime is the art that we can never get enough of…

Chia Anime is another great online anime streaming website. It is optimized for desktop use as well as mobile users so you can use Chia Anime outside or while lying in your cozy bed under the blanket. Chia Anime has a wide number of animes and anime movies to watch online as well as download for offline viewing if you don’t have internet all the time.

You can search anime by alphabetical order, year of release or genre as well as get related recommendations on Chia Anime. So without wasting any time, get your cat-ear headphones and start binging your favorite animes right now!

Now we are moving on to a little grown-up section of the list which will include all the websites that have cartoons and Anime as well as series and movies, so if you want to watch a new movie or a TV series or any show, grip on and get in the party bus!

123 Movies-

123Movies, as the name suggests it has movies but at what cost? For FREE!

123Movies has a wide library of movies, TV Shows, Web-series, Anime, Cartoons and a lot more. You can watch any movie whether it’s from the ’90s or 2020 for absolutely free. You can also watch TV shows there like The Walking Dead, Witcher, Game of Thrones and a lot more for free.

What else? You can watch Anime there as well as Cartoons. Old or new if it exists, it is most likely to be available on 123Movies and if it’s not available there, don’t worry the list hasn’t ended yet!

Yes Movies-

Everybody says Yes to the Movies unless the people who are very boring or maybe haven’t watch enough movies.

Do you want to watch an episode of the newest Netflix show? Or do you want to watch an HBO exclusive show online? Don’t worry, you can watch them for free on YesMovies easily. With their easy to use interface and handy navigation on the website, it’s very easy to find and watch your favorite shows or anime or movies for free!

If your subscription to a paid service expires or there are some technical issues, you can always continue watching on YesMovies for, we will say it again, FREE!


Popcornflix is a great alternative to YesMovies or 123Movies in case they’re not working.

Popcornflix also has a huge variety of TV shows, Movies, and Cartoons for you to watch forever and never get bored. Do you want to watch the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie? Popcornflix has it. Do you want to watch Hell’s Kitchen episodes online for free? Popcornflix has it.

Grab some popcorn, get a chilled coke and binge-watch your favorite shows on Popcornflix all day and all night for free!

Popcorn Time-

Popcorn Time directly has nothing to do, they don’t send you popcorns, believe us. But they send great joy across all our devices.

Popcorn Time doesn’t have a streaming option available on their website but they have software/applications available for all the platforms such as Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Linux as well!

With Popcorn Time you can watch any show or movie or serial for free on the device of your choice with the highest quality available. Whether it’s The Money Heist or The Birds of Prey, Popcorn Time has them all!


Do you want to build a snowman?

If you know this iconic song then you are one of many Disney fans around the world. Frozen was a good movie, and the sequel was amazing as well. But just in case you missed either one or both of them. You can watch them online along with thousands of other movies and TV Shows on Lunchflix.

Well, Frozen was just a reference, you can watch any genre or category movies on Lunchflix as well as the movies that are currently showing in the cinemas. Good audio and video quality available for a large number of movies, what else do you need on a Saturday night besides a large pizza? Maybe a few liters of drinks.

F Movies-

Another movie website? How many are there!?

The answer is: not enough!

We can never get enough of the movies. No matter how many movies or series you have watched there is always a curiosity to watch more and more. F Movies brings all the movies and TV shows right on your browser.

Watch shows like Stranger things, Lucifer, Supernatural and a lot more on FMovies for free without any worry of paying a subscription. There are also anime, cartoons and movies available on FMovies to stream anytime and anywhere without any restriction.

Go Movies Free-

Go Movies Go!

You love movies. Beyoncé loves movies. We all love movies!

On GoMoviesFree you can watch unlimited movies and TV shows for free including every genre and specialized category for countries and Top IMDB rated movies and TV shows. You can watch new and old movies, TV shows, cartoons and anime on GoMoviesFree with no time limit or any barrier like paying or country restriction.

Go enjoy Movies for Free (you see what we did there).

Putlocker- Putlockers.Ninja

If you have been on the internet for long enough, you might have heard this name.

You thought it was gone forever? Well, that’s what we thought when Putlocker stopped working. We got some great news for you because we found their alternative website.

Putlocker was banned a while ago because of some copyright infringements but now is back again with even better quality and streaming options with even more shows, movies, cartoons, and animes. So what are you waiting for? Grab some snacks and enjoy HD movies and shows right now.

C Movies-

Movies, Movies, Movies.

Nobody is ever tired of movies so here is another website!

C Movies is a great alternative in case any website doesn’t work. It also has a wide selection of new and old TV shows, movies, cartoons, and anime. You can scroll through the website and discover countless movies and TV shows that can keep you awake up all night and day for months if not years. Legends of Tomorrow, Birds of Prey, Lucifer, Death Note or whatever you want to watch, you can do it for free on C Movies!

Mo Online-

If we stack up the discs of all the movies ever made, would it make it to the moon?

Sadly, Google didn’t have an answer to that, not yet. So that remains an unanswered shower thought forever now.

But hey, Mo Online has movies, shows, anime, and cartoons enough for you to watch your trip to the moon and never watch any movie for a second time. Impressive, isn’t it? Even if you’re not planning to go to moon or mars anytime soon, you can binge watch all your favorite shows and movies on Moonline as much as you want for as long as you can.

Now that was a lot of anime, movies and cartoon websites for you. The cons of these webs are the popups and ads and they get annoying, but hey, it’s free so you can’t complain that much about it. Happy binging!

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