Do you ever just buy anything online without giving it a second thought and reading reviews? Well if you just buy the first thing you see then you are probably in the 7% of people around the world who don’t check reviews because 93% of customers who do online shopping always take online reviews before making the final decisions about making a purchase.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for essay writing services in uk services or a blender to buy online or buying a cereal you never tried from the grocery store. Your instincts will tell you to read the descriptions, take reviews from people you know or check online reviews.

We can’t tell you what people to ask for reviews but we can tell you where you can find reviews online.

But hey, before we jump into the websites we’d like to tell you that these websites may be very accurate but it doesn’t mean that every website not listed in here is fraud or scam. Sometimes new businesses struggle to get reviews on their websites which sometimes have a bad impact on their online presence. So before buying anything online, read the reviews and always try to get reviews about the product from your friends and family who have used/bought it for personal reviews.

So without any further ado, let’s look at the top review sites for authentic business and customer reviews!


Well, this one is very obvious…

The most popular search engine with 3.5 billion searches per day and one of the biggest companies in the world right now with so many different services including “Google My Business” which is a free tool for businesses to manage their online presence across all the Google apps like Google Maps.

Businesses must register and verify their information on Google My Business to have their data put across Search, Google+ and Google Maps for local people to find them easily just by easy searches. Reviews posted on a Businesses’ Google page can be seen on the very front of the search including the star rating and the customer written reviews.

Google dominates the web traffic and every business should take advantage of it by making its online presence search engine optimized.


Doesn’t matter if you want to buy batteries or a book or dairy products, Amazon has it all for you.

Amazon has been dominating the e-commerce industry since 2013 and doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon. While Amazon has all the products you need, they also allow customers to post reviews for products they have bought from there.

So if you ever have doubts about a product, you can either check the reviews on Amazon and buy from there or you can check the product reviews there too if you prefer shopping like the good old days from stores.


Social media is part of our lives now and you should know all the benefits!

Every business doesn’t matter how big or small it should have a social media presence, especially on Facebook because Facebook allows businesses to create business pages that help them engage with their existing customers and reach out to new potential customers to make their business better.

Facebook business pages have the option for people to rate and write about the services or products, so if you are at a store and skeptical about the products, then you can quickly check their Facebook page to see the customer reviews.


Yelp is one of a kind website that has reviews from your local café to international brands.

Yelp is available on browsers as well as have a mobile application where people can post reviews about local businesses and Yelp also help businesses on how to respond to different kind of reviews and also provides data about business analytics and how to improve them.


Do you travel a lot or do you just like to explore?

TripAdvisor should be your destination before you reach your destination to get information about wherever you are visiting, where you can get the best hotel and the best food and what are the spots worth your time.

So do leave reviews on TripAdvisor every time you visit a new place and keep checking reviews about the places you plan to visit anytime soon.

Better Business Bureau

Better Business Bureau (also known as is a trustworthy website that must check out. protects customers from scams and fraudulent businesses by having transparent business profiles with a history of all the complaints made by customers about them.

Better Business Bureau also has an A to F rating system for easy and simple scanning for people who don’t bother reading detailed reviews.

Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages, the digitalized version of the thick yellow pages that a lot of us have at our homes.

Yellow Pages is an online Yellow Pages directory that is owned by YP, the local marketing solutions provider that helps local businesses grow.

You can read about a local business and have their contact details, and companies or businesses can manage their reviews on the site for a price of absolutely nothing. Yes, Yellow Pages is free!


Looking for reviews about small businesses? Manta should be your destination then!

Manta is an online directory of local small businesses as well as a search engine and a review site. Manta helps small businesses grow by letting the community connect with business and leave reviews and partner with them as well easily.

So now you know where to get trustworthy reviews next time you doubt your decisions buying a product or service!

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