Is buying likes on instagram and on Facebook is it safe?

The answer to that question, according to this article (comprar curtidas Facebook) is as clear as water: no. However, the social network itself explains the reasons that lead this practice so common to not be safe for those who buy and are disloyal to the original metrics of the platforms. There is risk of losing the account or even financial.

We’ve already talked about buying Instagram and Facebook followers here (comprar seguidores Facebook). The reasons for not embracing these shortcuts are similar. In 2019, the social network came to hide the amount of likes received on posts under the justification of reducing “social pressure” within the network, making people focus more on the content and less on the number of likes of the posts. In practice, this also discourages the buy likes.

Zero likes (Image: Prateek Katyal / Unsplash)

In the help articles on both Facebook and Instagram, the platforms — both from Facebook — categorically state that they can cancel purchased likes and limit features if they understand you are using gimmicks and bots.

… we may remove likes or other engagements generated by them.

But, who are they?

The “they” mentioned in the brief phase, above, are the applications or platforms that (either charged in cash or not) promise to add packages with 100 likes, 500 likes or 1,000 likes in posts, with an established delivery deadline. and sometimes how long those likes can work.

Note that it is very easy to unmask those who buy likes. After all, most of these likes packages work with fake profiles, profiles of users from other countries and are not even close to “Brazilian likes” from people with real interactions.

That said, let’s get to the safety factor.

Is buying likes safe?

No, and here is the reason for the statement. These apps and websites that sell likes most often ask for access to your login (username) and password to use your profile as part of the ecosystem. That is, when you buy likes, you are actually buying likes from users who have also purchased them. The system uses profiles interested in a network where one account likes the other, even without affinity.

Therein lies the danger. These services are unofficial or even authorized and if you provide your login information, either with an access token or providing the username and password, they will have full access to your account. I said total: they will be able to see your direct messages, find information about your friends list, and possibly post spam or content not authorized by you on your profile.

This, of course, puts your privacy and security and the safety of your friends at risk. So if you’ve shared your username and password with one of these websites or apps, change your Instagram password to protect your account right away.

It doesn’t hurt to remember:

None of these services are affiliated with or supported by Instagram. You should never allow other people to access your Instagram account. Accounts that generate inauthentic activity also violate Instagram’s Community Guidelines.

Finally, we return to the sentence we quoted at the beginning of the post, now with all the context.

If we think you’ve shared your login information with one of these apps, we may remove likes or other engagements generated by them. Accounts that continue to use non-Instagram apps to gain more followers may find that certain parts of the Instagram account are limited.

Another important issue is that you can buy likes, but there is no guarantee of delivery on the part of these sites and applications that may just be scamming the unsuspecting. Because they are not official, little is known about them or their owners.

So, if you want more likes and followers, you need to work your social media strategy properly. All likes must be real.

Remember: one step at a time. 


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