Jonathan Galindo first appeared online in 2016 as part of the Blue Whale challenge that ordered teens to perform 50 tasks before taking their lives. Since then, copies of this terrifying character have appeared across Twitter and TikTok platforms.

Jonathan Galindo’s identity lies with Samuel Canine, known online as Dusky Sam.

He is associated with the Blue Whale Challenge

Jonathan Galindo is an unsavory online figure associated with the Blue Whale Challenge, an online game linked to child suicides. This perverse challenge encourages participants to complete 50 days worth of tasks that lead them down a path toward self-harm or even suicide – leading to over 130 child deaths worldwide as a result of it.

Galindo, otherwise known as Cursed Goofy, is a man wearing a mask who uses social media like TikTok, Instagram, WhatsApp and Twitter to reach out to adolescents and entice them to take part in his deadly Blue Whale Challenge game. He is often linked with disturbing memes encouraging children to harm themselves.

Galindo may seem connected with the Momo Challenge, but this character was created by cosplayer and mask maker Samuel Canini (known as Dusky Sam on social media).

He is a persona created by hackers or cybercriminals

Jonathan Galindo is a fictional character employed by an anonymous group who target young people on social media with threats and encouragement for dangerous online challenges. Wearing an unusual mask that looks like a cross between a human and dog, with round black nose, long black ears and huge human smile. First appearing online in 2020 and becoming a major online threat with numerous suicides reported worldwide health since that time.

Accounts associated with Jonathan Galindo and depictions of him have been inviting children onto social media and inviting them to play the Blue Whale Challenge. At first, these challenges seem harmless enough; however, over time they become more challenging, often leading them towards self-harm or even suicide.

Recent media reports allege that an 11-year-old Italian boy, described as being healthy and athletic, may have taken their own life after becoming obsessed with Jonathan Galindo Challenge.

He is a prankster

Jonathan Galindo is an anonymous online persona linked to a new wave of risky online challenges for children similar to the Blue Whale Challenge, encouraging children to perform tasks which could potentially lead to self-harm and suicide. Accounts under Jonathan Galindo have reportedly written directly to kids asking them to take part.

This character resembles an amalgamation of human and dog features, including an open mouth with large human smile and round black nose reminiscent of both species. This artwork belongs to cosplayer and mask maker Samuel Canini who has been using Dusky Sam since 2012-2013 under his moniker Dusky Sam.

The latest iteration of Jonathan Galindo’s mask can be found with the Blue Whale Challenge, making waves on Twitter and Tiktok. Unfortunately, many accounts associated with him are fake or have even been compromised and could send malicious content directly to friends or family members.

He is a death group

Jonathan Galindo became famous in 2020 as the face of an online challenge that encouraged children to commit self-harm or commit suicide. Dressed in a creepy dog mask, Jonathan would contact children via social media platforms and ask them to complete tasks that led to self-harm or suicide; in some instances this even resulted in teenagers taking their own lives.

A fictional character with the appearance of a cross between a dog and human has been making appearances on TikTok accounts with the name jonathangalindo, Twitter, Discord, and Instagram accounts. Starting off relatively harmless tasks such as daring children to wake up during the middle of the night or watch scary films before progressing onto threats against them or asking them to stand on building ledges, according to reports.

TikTok community guidelines require us to currently hide this profile for now; its user is Cosplayer/Mask Designer Samuel Canini who goes by Dusky Sam online.


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