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For a cartoon lover what could be more fascinating than getting to watch the cartoon, he or she loves free of cost online? One such website is Kisccartoon website which provides its users with the best cartoons and anime content without even charging a single penny. The fast and flexible platform of kiss cartoons makes it more popular among users. 

However, in some regions, this website is blocked and people need to use VPN (Virtual Private Network) services to access the site. This is why plenty of people are looking for alternatives for kiss cartoons that they can use. Here are the best sites which users can use to watch cartoons online. 

Alternatives for Kiss Cartoon website – 

Kiss Anime 

Just like its name, the interface of Kiss Anime is also similar to the interface of Kisscartoon. It is a secure website which will provide you content in HD quality without any ads to interrupt you.

Kim Cartoon 

Next best choice for kiss cartoon is kim cartoon as the interface of the site is pretty much simple and straightforward. You can easily locate the cartoons which you want to watch on this site. 

Toon Get  

Content on this site is sorted alphabetically so that it is easy for the users to look for the content they want. You will also get the description of the video before you play it. The best part is that the users do not need to register themselves on this site to access it. 


Toonova has an extensive collection of cartoons and anime, hence, could be considered as a good kisscartoon alternative. You can also download an app for this website from the play store on your device. Also, the site keeps on updating its content regularly for its users. 

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