Asbestos Inspection
Asbestos Inspection

Asbestos in a house isn’t always visible, so it’s important that your home be prepared for an inspection. The article offers tips on what to do before the inspector arrives and information about the entire process of asbestos inspection

Asbestos is a dangerous mineral that has been used in many different ways throughout the world. It was commonly found in insulation, fireproofing and other construction materials because of its durability to heat and fire. Because asbestos can cause cancer and other health problems, people have sought out safer alternatives in recent years–with some success. Now it’s important to find out if your house is hooked up to any asbestos-containing materials–if it is, you’ll need to make sure that the building doesn’t pose any health risks for anyone living there.

Asbestos is a material that has been used in construction since the 1800s, but it was banned in the 1970s. Asbestos is a dangerous environmental concern, but if you want to know whether your house may contain asbestos, you need to conduct an asbestos inspection of your home. Here’s what to expect during an asbestos inspection.

What Does an Asbestos Inspection Involve?

An asbestos inspection is the first step in protecting yourself and your family from possible health risks posed by asbestos.

The inspection will identify any asbestos-containing materials in your home, and will provide recommendations on how to safely remove and dispose of any asbestos found.

If you have any questions about an asbestos inspection, or if you need help preparing for one, please contact a qualified asbestos specialist.

How to Prepare for a House Inspection

If you’re in the market for a new house, it’s important to know that an asbestos inspection is part of the pre-buying process. The EPA recommends that all newly-built homes be inspected for asbestos, but there are a few things you can do to prepare your house for the inspection.

First, ask your builder if they’ll provide you with an asbestos report. This report will include a list of any asbestos found in your home and the level of exposure each room may have.

Second, get rid of any items that could contain asbestos. This includes anything made from asbestos, such as tiles, insulation, and flooring.

Finally, hire a professional to clean up any areas where asbestos was found. This will help ensure that any traces of asbestos are eliminated and your home is free from potential health risks.

When and Where to Find a House Inspection

When it comes to preparing your home for an asbestos inspection, there are a few things you need to know. For example, the EPA recommends that homeowners make sure any areas where insulation or sheetrock is still in place have been swept for asbestos. You should also check for any signs of leaks, cracks or damage in the walls and ceilings, as well as any areas that could harbour asbestos.

You can find a list of accredited asbestos inspectors here. And if you’re unsure whether your home contains asbestos, you can contact your provincial health department or the Canadian Asbestos Association for more information.

What You Can Expect During the Inspection

If you are in need of an asbestos inspection, now is the time to start planning. You will need to gather all of the necessary information and get your house ready for the inspection.

Here is what you can expect during the inspection:

  • The inspector will walk around your home and inspect every room for any signs of asbestos.
  • The inspector will check ventilation and air quality in your home.
  • The inspector will test for asbestos presence in all areas of your home.

If you’re in the market to buy or sell a home, it’s important to have your house inspected for asbestos. This is especially important if the home was built before 1978, when asbestos abatement was not mandatory.

I recently had my house inspected and found that there were several areas of concern. One of the places where they found asbestos was in the furnace room. Thankfully, I’m not at risk of exposure since the asbestos has been properly removed.

If you’re experiencing any symptoms like chest tightness, shortness of breath, or fatigue, it’s important to get checked out by a doctor. These could be early signs of an asbestos-related illness.

Results of an Asbestos Inspection

When it comes to your family’s health and the safety of those around you, it is important that you undergo an asbestos inspection.

Asbestos inspections can determine if there are any potential asbestos hazards in your home. By performing an asbestos inspection, you can minimize the risk of exposure and protect yourself and your loved ones from potential health problems.

If you are concerned about asbestos in your home, please contact our team at AHS Home Inspections. We can provide you with a free consultation and complete report on the status of asbestos in your home.


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