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You’re planning on moving, and it’s time to start looking for the right moving company. Whether you’re moving across the country or just one state over, it’s crucial to get several quotes to determine the costs. Getting more than one quote can save you a significant amount of money. If you want to save even more money, consider doing the move yourself, renting a moving truck, and using storage facilities.

Renting A Moving Truck

One factor to consider when renting a moving truck for long distance moves is the distance you need to travel. Rental truck companies usually give estimates of the size of their trucks, so it’s essential to find out what size is appropriate for your move. Some moving truck companies have special facilities for moving long distances, so you can drop off your truck in one location, and pick it up at the destination. The cost of long distance moving varies depending on the distance and size of your move.

You should consider getting insurance for your rental truck. Most auto insurance policies do not cover rented moving trucks. However, if you don’t have a moving truck insurance policy, you can still purchase a separate policy. Generally, you can get liability and physical damage coverage for around $30 to $40 a day. The rates for this insurance will depend on the type of truck you choose, so check with your insurance agent about what types of coverage they offer.

Hiring A Moving Company

When you’re planning a long distance move, it’s smart to hire a company that’s insured and has proper documentation. Moving mistakes happen, and having proper documentation will help you avoid costly and time-consuming re-packing. Also, many people look up companies’ reviews online before making a decision. To avoid disappointment, read online reviews and contact the Better Business Bureau for recommendations. However, it’s still best to contact friends and family if you have a problem.

Hiring a long distance moving company is an excellent way to eliminate the hassle and stress that often accompany moving. Not only will they do an excellent job, but they will also provide you with expert guidance to ensure a seamless transition. A moving company that offers services beyond the local area will also provide you with more value for your money, since you’ll be working with a team of professionals. And since movers will also have the right manpower to handle the move, you’ll be able to move into your new home faster.

Do-It-Yourself Move

Do-it-yourself long distance moving costs less than full-service moves. While you’ll still pay for the truck rental and gas, you’ll save on labor costs. However, moving yourself requires personal labor and will take longer than hiring a crew. Also, you’ll have to be aware of traffic and the time it will take to drive the truck to your new home. Therefore, do-it-yourself moving isn’t for everyone.

Full-service moving companies charge a higher rate because they provide full-service moving, including packing and unpacking. Nonetheless, they are worth the money, especially for more complex and time-consuming moves. The price of hiring a moving company is higher, but the benefits far outweigh the costs. While moving on your own can be challenging, the costs are lower compared to hiring a moving company.

Storage Facilities

Storage facilities vary in price depending on their size, access, insurance, and other factors. A drive-up unit will generally cost less than an indoor, multi-level facility. Other factors that influence the price include security and access hours. Drive-up units are ideal for short-term storage and don’t suffer from extreme temperature fluctuations. In most cases, you can rent one space for less than a month or a year.

The smallest storage unit is approximately five feet by 10 feet and can accommodate the contents of one bedroom. You should have no trouble fitting a TV and a few boxes in this space. However, if you have more than that, you should consider renting a larger space. A storage unit that is too large can prove to be a burden, so be sure to choose a smaller unit. When in doubt, check with the Better Business Bureau.

Off-Peak Seasons

Off-peak seasons are good for a variety of reasons. First, there are fewer demands for moving services during off-peak seasons. You can choose when to move. Moving companies are less busy and have more time to complete your move. Also, moving companies have less demand, which means that you’ll get better service. They’ll have more time to answer all of your questions and address any problems that may arise.

Second, moving during off-peak seasons is a great way to save money on your long-distance move. During peak seasons, millions of people make the move. These people are going on vacation, which can cause traffic jams that last the whole day. Secondly, moving during off-peak seasons is a better option for those who are unable to leave their jobs during peak season. The weather is generally more comfortable during these times.

Off-Peak Days of The Week

When you’re planning a move, one of the best times to move is Monday through Thursday. Weekend moving rates tend to be 20% or more expensive than weekday rates. Also, movers are fresh and not backed up with other jobs. By planning your move early, you’ll save money on the moving company’s time. And, of course, moving on a weekday won’t be as stressful as a weekend move.

Moving in the middle of the week may also save you money. Professional movers typically charge less on weekdays than they do on weekends. You can also opt to move during the middle of the month, which is cheaper than the beginning or end of a month. Because long distance moving is calculated by weight, you can save money by packing your items lighter than you need. If you’re not ready to downsize your household goods, consider moving on off-peak days of the week instead of on weekends.


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