Mattress fabric manufacturers provide several kinds of bed linens. You can choose one based on your preferences and needs. You can choose from different materials, including cotton and chenille. You can also choose from a variety of different designs. To make the selection process easier, you can post your Buying Leads.


Culp, a manufacturer of upholstery fabrics, saw its sales soar in the mid-1980s after the company earned a good reputation in the market for quality products and service. By the end of the decade, sales had climbed to over $100 million, and the company had expanded to manufacture mattress ticking and industrial fabrics. The company has maintained a tightly-knit management structure, replacing key personnel from within the organization when needed.

The company’s upholstery fabrics segment is responsible for the manufacturing and marketing of furniture fabrics. This segment features an in-house design team that works on new designs. The development team also searches for new and innovative sources of raw materials and yarns. Culp utilizes its global supply chain and its presence in China to achieve these goals.

Vest Enterprises

When it comes to making mattresses, a fabric is more than just a pretty face. It must be functional, too, and bedding manufacturers are taking this into consideration by expanding key features to the surface of the fabric. One example of this is BekaertDeslee’s patent-pending XCite knit technology, which pairs soft pockets with improved ventilation. Another example is GTA’s Plexus fabric, which mimics spacer knits.

Jacquard Fabrics India Pvt Ltd

Jacquard is one of the most prominent mattress fabric manufacturers in the world. It has an extensive portfolio of mattress fabric designs and offers a variety of fabrics for mattresses. In addition to its manufacturing facilities in India, the company has a global presence. Its customers are primarily mattress manufacturers.

The company specializes in producing jacquard fabric for mattresses. The fabric provides high-tech protection and is available in an array of designs. Its products are commonly used as bedding, pillow protectors, and mattress fabrics. It is highly durable and wrinkle-resistant, which makes it a popular fabric choice.

Exporting is also one of the company’s strong suits. The factory has a license to export to the US, Europe, and Southeast Asia. It also exports to the Middle East and South America.

Indian Silks

Indian Silks is a mattress fabric manufacturer in India that focuses on the production of knitted mattress ticking. It has been in the textile business for more than three decades and understands the dynamics of the mattress industry. The company has a production capacity of 200 thousand meters per month. Some of its major clients include Kurl-On, Duroflex, and Sleepwell.

The company focuses on customer satisfaction and has a huge customer base. Its facilities are equipped with Jacquard Knitting machines, 20 wide width Shuttle computerized Jacquard machines, 50 conventional power looms, and in-house processing. The strategy of Indian Silks is to provide top quality products and services and to continuously innovate. The company aims to achieve this through its commitment to customer satisfaction and self-sustaining growth.

Jacquard Evolution & Elastar Sculpture

Jacquard Evolution and Elastar Sculpture mattresses are made with the latest in mattress fabric technology. Jacquard fabric is also used in the upholstery industry and can be used to deck up your bedroom. This fabric is made using the fine weaving technique. The Jacquard loom was invented in the 18th century and is still widely used in the bedding and mattress industry.

Traditionally, innerspring beds are mostly white, but today, consumers are looking for a more contemporary look. For this reason, Jacquard Evolution & Elastar Sculpture mattress fabric manufacturers have partnered with a textile supplier called Unifi. This partnership has resulted in the ChillSense collection, which uses Unifi fibers that transfer body heat away from the mattress faster, creating a cool feeling to the touch. Another important benefit of using Unifi is that Repreve fiber is made from recycled plastic bottles. The company’s recycled content claims are certified by U Trust.


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