Overall, Kentucky has a underneath common crime fee. It accounts for nearly half the crime price of neighboring states and has about 1.5 fewer violent crime incidents than the relaxation of the country. (Notably, there are about 3.6 violent crimes in step with 1,000 people in the United States. In contrast, Kentucky sees simplest 2.2 in keeping with 1,000.)

However, whilst a violent crime occurs, grievous assault is most common. Murder is quite uncommon, especially in safe towns.

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Also, it does no longer imply that every one cities are safe. In fact, a few towns are on the more risky facet and need to be averted. In this newsletter, we are able to have a look at precisely that.

Most Dangerous Cities In Kentucky

1. Louisville

Of all the locations in Kentucky, Louisville has the best violent crime rate of 6.Nine. This price is greater than double the nation average. The crime price in maximum safe towns is near 0, in fact.

However, higher crime prices are anticipated in cities, as there are extra people. Poverty is higher in towns, which causes greater crime general. When you % human beings together, a excessive crime rate seems to be what you get.

According to Neighborhood Scout, Louisville is only in the fourth percentile in terms of safety. In other phrases, it’s miles most effective 4% more secure than other towns inside the united states. (neighborhood scout)

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Property crimes also are lots higher than the national common and the country common itself. In fact, it is almost twice the country common and the national common. Your odds of being concerned in a property delinquency are most effective 1 in 27 in Louisville.


Compared to Louisville, Mayfield is a miles more secure region. However, it’s far nonetheless the second one maximum risky metropolis in Kentucky, with a violent crime price of 4.1. This is only slightly better than the countrywide common, which is 3.6. However, it is best inside the fifth percentile nationally, which means it is handiest protected in over 5% of US territories. (community scout)

Mayfield is likewise one of the most populated regions in Kentucky, that is why there is so much crime as compared to different places.

Fortunately, maximum violent crimes appear like attacks, which have a rate of two.7. However, there are a mean of two murders each yr.


We had a hard time figuring out whether or not to place Pikeville or Mayfield at No. In the quit, we agreed to region Pikeville at #three due to its low violent crime price. However, its violent crime price could be very high for one cause or any other.

Fortunately, maximum of the crime is positioned in a completely small location of ​​Pikeville, which brings down the entire town. There are a few secure locations to stay, but there are also a few risky places.

Pikeville is average as compared to most US cities based on violent crime on my own. Murder is very uncommon, despite the fact that assaults occur on one in every thousand humans.


Once again, we had a difficult time identifying wherein to put the paduka, as it has a median violent crime rate however a completely excessive assets crime charge. So, if you stay there for a few years, you are possibly to be worried in a assets offense in some unspecified time in the future. However, the homicide charge itself is pretty low.

The city has a poverty price of 17.2%, that is higher than america average. Presumably, that is one reason the belongings crime fee is so high – many families are tormented by poverty. (Forbes)


Covington is every other unique case. This is the opposite of the paduka: the violent crime fee could be very high, but the belongings crime price could be very low. So, while you are much more likely to be involved in an attack, you’re less likely to be involved in a theft.

Along with this, this suburb is densely packed, that is why the crime charge is excessive. Most of the humans in the location hire their homes. However, lodging within the area is decently cheap (even as hire prices are fantastically excessive).

The town is known for its hassle of homelessness, but, which will also be why crimes are so high. Covington has a higher poverty charge than different regions and is one of the social service epicenters in Kentucky. (Cincinnati)

6. Oak Grove

Oak Grove has similarly high violent crime and assets crime fees. It’s simply as hazardous, basic, although no longer necessarily as risky as some of the alternative cities in this list (searching at you, Louisville).

While the crime charge is more than respectable, there are a few motives why people choose to go to this place. First, training is often rated better than the countrywide common. According to USA News, maximum colleges have suitable rankings, with a low trainer-to-student ratio. (USA News)

7. Shivli

Shivli has a distinctly low assets crime charge, but their violent crime price is slightly higher, which is why they ended up on this listing. The assets and crime charge are each better than the national average, making it extra risky than the common metropolis. Of course, some locations are more secure than others, however it seems that the entire town is susceptible to crime. For instance, there aren’t any safe neighborhoods like most cities. Also, in case you live a long way sufficient faraway from the metropolis, there are a few secure locations you may live.

For instance, the south-japanese a part of Shivli has most effective eight crimes in step with year, plenty less than the northeastern part, which has eighty two crimes per 12 months. (crime grade)

8. Bowling Green

BRolling Green does no longer have a violent crime charge like the other locations in this listing. However, it tends to have extra belongings crimes, which can be a hassle for residents who live there. The city is known for its usually city sense and high population, however without the extraordinarily excessive crime rates of most towns.

However, the poverty fee is appreciably higher than in different locations, and is the reason why the assets crime charge is so high. In widespread, you could assume the belongings crime price to increase as the poverty charge increases.


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