One of the nice methods to experience a culture, mainly on a culinary degree, is to look it like a neighborhood – that is no extra real than in Costa Rica, wherein delicious cuisine and savory dishes are an critical part of any journey. Are component. Here’s our short and candy manual to reveal you the ropes.

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The Fundamentals

There are many staples which can be a part of maximum food in Costa Rica, but two that frequently seem on each plate of the day are rice and beans. Corn tortillas and salsa lizano also seem in maximum meals.

The 3 major meals of the day are well balanced and are regularly made from scratch with amazing care and love. It is not unusual for all and sundry to come back home for lunch, such as faculty children – own family could be very vital in Costa Rican tradition.


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A typical Costa Rican breakfast is a plate of gallo pinto (rice and beans), eggs, homemade corn tortillas or clean bread from the bakery, candy banana and natilla (sour cream) or nearby cheese, which includes queso turrielba.


A regular Costa Rican lunch is a casado – a plate of rice, beans, a protein (bird, red meat, red meat or fish), salad (typically something with cabbage) and a candy plantain. It may also encompass tortillas, yucca, avocado, percent de gallo and fresh or fried cheese. Other typical lunch alternatives are arroz con pollo (rice with hen, or shrimp, blended seafood, beef or combined vegetables), ceviche, sopa negra (black bean soup), sopa de mariscos (seafood soup). Or ola de carne (beef stew), to name some.


At dinner in Costa Rica, you may find the identical dishes which might be served at lunch. However, all through unique activities, celebrations or own family gatherings, a massive fish fry or pig roast can replace the typical dinner unfold. An invitation to this kind of social gatherings is a actual deal with.

Ola de carne is a beef stew served for lunch and dinner. © Marco Lissoni / Alamy Stock Photo

How To Eat Like A Costa Rican

Consume Outside

If you can not prepare dinner or devour selfmade food, the subsequent great alternative is to devour at Soda (a traditional — and finances-friendly — Costa Rican eating place). Most cities will have several sodas, and each could be slightly one-of-a-kind. Some sodas have a menu, even as others have a greater factor-and-select, buffet-style setup. Here, you’ll get a flavor of real Costa Rican meals. Try the chiles (spicy veggies to be able to likely be in a jar to your table).

Local canteens are in which you may locate some of the exceptional local favorites, including chifrizo (a bowl of rice and beans topped with a variety of substances), patacones (fried plantains) and chicharrones (deep-fried pork). Costa Rican “bar food” is scrumptious and pairs flawlessly with a nearby wine (Pilsón or Imperial) or a few garro (sugarcane-based totally liquor).

Eating at a soda or cantina additionally provides a real feel of Costa Rican way of life. It’s smooth to live to your consolation zone and devour in an area that attracts different travelers, however if you really want to consume like a nearby, those are two first rate options.


Costa Ricans also take short food or snacks from avenue carriers and bakeries. Street vendors regularly sell selfmade empanadas (baked or fried turnovers), to-move cups of ceviche, pastries, and now and again even complete quesado or rice dishes. The bakery is likewise a brilliant region to seize some empanadas, pastries or breads. Between lunch and dinner, maximum Costa Ricans take a coffee break, which normally consists of a snack, inclusive of a candy or savory pastry.


Shopping on the farmer’s marketplace (occurs as a minimum once every week in maximum towns) is a very neighborhood manner to buy produce. It additionally houses a farmers market wherein you may experience a number of the distinguished culmination and veggies discovered in Costa Rica.

How To Drink Like A Neighborhood?

Clean Juice

Jugos frescos or jugos de Naturales frescos (herbal fruit juices) are famous drinks in the course of the day and at meals. Homemade juices using local fruits like tamarind, passion fruit, mango, pineapple, strawberry, lime and orange are very fresh. You’ll have several alternatives whilst you dine on soda and can even get juice from a road vendor. The juice is occasionally sold in a plastic bag, tied with a knot, to which a straw is affixed.

Alcoholic Liquids

For your sundown and night time, it’s clean enough to drink like a local. The maximum least expensive and local manner to drink is to try alcohol produced in Costa Rica instead of imported beers and spirits. Beer alternatives consist of Imperial, Pilsen, Bavaria and a pretty stunning selection of craft brews. Of path, there is additionally garro – the country wide wine of Costa Rica. There are also a few signature liquids which you have to strive even as taking the neighborhood consuming course.

A signature drink, or instead the shot, is the Chiliguaro – it tastes just like a light Bloody Mary. A simple chileguaro is made with guar, tomato juice, Tabasco and lime. However, everyone has their very own opinion in this shot recipe.

Miguelito is a delicious and perilous shot – thisThe flavor of a stew resembles that of rong pia colada. Garo, a primary miguelito, is made from coconut milk and evaporated milk. It’s a shot with the intention to make you smile, and like the Chiliguaro, every person puts a unique spin on it.

Meanwhile, a Garo sour is a conventional cocktail made with Garo, lime, club soda, and a little raw sugar. This is arguably one of the exceptional and most refreshing approaches to experience Costa Rica’s country wide wine.

How To Devour Like A Neighborhood In Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is well-known for its amazing wildlife and natural landscapes, but they are additionally the kings of comfort food. Traditional Costa Rican meals is all about home cooking, hearty flavors and big portions, from classic rice and beans to fried pork, fresh ceviche, sweet desserts and all kinds of awesome fruits and vegetables. Wondering what to devour first in Costa Rica? Read on to find out all the first-class Costa Rican foods and how to consume and drink like a local on this scrumptious foodie paradise.


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