Newtop Rubber: The Best Silicone Mold Supplier

If you are interested in opening a business that involves any kind of product made out of silicone, then you for sure will be in the quest of a silicone mold supplier that can offer what you are looking for and even more. The process of finding the right supplier can be long and hard and can also give you a headache.

It really isn’t easy, because you’ll probably have to go through a lot of them until you find the right one. People always hear stories from entrepreneurs, that they came across a supplier that failed them, took their money, and left and so many other horror stories.

But you shouldn’t fear, because there is a supplier that has managed to create a great reputation for themselves over the years. They are Newtop Rubber and I’ll be explaining to you while I consider them to be the best silicone mold supplier that one can find around. 18 Legit Ways To Make Money Online 2022

What is Newtop Rubber?

Newtop Rubber has over 12 years of expertise and experience as one of the industry’s top manufacturers. They are based in China, specifically in Xiamen. And is one of the few manufacturers and also mixers that create liquid silicone products with excellent quality. They make and supply high-quality products for mother and baby, which for example, include a silicone cup for your kid to enjoy… As well as household products and any kind of customized products that the medical and industrial fields might need.

Image: Wholesale Cute Silicone Feeding Spoon and Fork Sets for Toddler

They are always looking to ensure the highest quality of their products that’s why they not only use the highest quality materials but also follow high-standard quality control requirements during the entire production process… from the 3D artwork design to even the packaging of the finished product.

Their products can be used in many different industries, from agriculture, and construction to consumer products. Because they use high-quality raw materials, sourced from the best raw material suppliers, they can create liquid silicone rubber products and parts for many different scenarios that not only have the general characteristics that silicone products have but also, they can give special ones if their customers request that.

Why choose them?

I would say, that one of the reasons is that their team is always committed to recommending the best and most suitable high-quality LSR products that will help you with expanding your projects and businesses.

Image: Silicone anti leaking sippy cup

Another reason is that they have a multi-category product mold, that can produce existing products that will meet your needs in the shortest turnaround time.

They also are source manufacturers, with also gives them and you price advantages than with other intermediate traders, this also means, that the quality control is stricter too. Also, if you are looking for some customized services, their professional design and engineer team will work to formulate practical solutions and maximize the benefits of all your needs, while their sales and also after sales services will work to process your orders in the most efficient way, as well as with the communication.

Image: Honeycomb Silicone Ice Cube Trays Wholesale Stackable OEM / ODM

Another important factor to have in mind and considering choosing them is that they are trusted by Fortune 500 clients all around the globe. Why’ Because they produce liquid silicone rubber products that meet each client’s unique needed, that are made of extremely durable and also high-quality materials. And not only that but the products have passed all the inspections by foreign and also domestic agencies, like FDA or SGS and got the certificates that correspond to them.

In the end is up to you to decide what silicone mold supplier you choose for your business, but rest assured that if you choose Newtop Rubber, you will be choosing one of the best around.

Image: Multi-grid Silicone Ice Cube Mold with Lid Home


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