Moto Metal Wheels have been in the news all over the United States and worldwide for a few months now.

Gladly, it’s for all the right reasons! This is one brand which is rapidly climbing up the rungs in the global aftermarket rims niche. There are 2 primary schools of thought in custom and aftermarket circles around the world when it comes to Moto Metal rims.

Some believe that they are one of the best things to have happened to the niche in the last few years. Others are not so sure and they even disc the brand openly!

Love them or hate them, it is quite impossible to ignore the effect Moto Metal has had on the market since the company was established in 2002. Some of their best models are being analyzed and reviewed by professionals on their YouTube channels.

At the moment, industry watchers suggest that Moto Metal is catching up with the likes of Fuel Wheels pretty fast.

Are you planning to take home a set of high-end rims manufactured by this company?

Here are a few things to keep in mind.


Moto Metal Wheels was founded by Wheel Pros, an aftermarket wheel distribution, sales and marketing company which was established in 1994 by founders Randy White and Jody Groce, who had some experience in how the market operated. It was Jody’s idea to gradually move away from any manufacturing processes and focus exclusively on acquiring lucrative aftermarket rim manufacturers.

Wheel Pros also owns such iconic brands as KMC, Black Rhino, American Racing, Motegi and Fuel Wheels. In a way, therefore, Fuel is closely related to Moto Metal but they continue to be rivals.

Moto Metal has its headquarters in Colorado. However, a large percentage of its products are manufactured in China.

Wait! Before you leave this page after that last bit, note that Moto Metal conducts a series of highly automated and closely monitored quality control tests on every rim it retails. The QC process is totally foolproof and you can rely on them as much as you do on your favorite manufacturers.

Some of their latest multipiece forged models are proudly made in the United States!

‘Built for the unapologetic’

From its inception, Moto Metal has donned the image of a rebel. On their official website, it’s mentioned that the company manufactures sturdy and durable wheels for those who are not willing to play by the rules.

This is a clever marketing strategy that was also adopted by the iconic American Racing Wheels in the mid-1960s when muscle cars dominated the streets of the country. But the message is a lot more in-your-face now.

Unlike Fuel Wheels or KMC rims, Moto Metal always seems ready to push the envelope and set its own boundaries. This approach is greatly appreciated by their fans who believe that owning a set of Moto Metal rims will automatically increase their ‘cool quotient’ by several points!

It is evident that the rims are influenced by the Californian subculture of highly competitive motocross racing. This philosophy is reflected in the construction of the wheels, whether you are going for forged and multipiece rims or plain-vanilla cast models.

Top 3 off-roading rims that sell widely

Like other major manufacturers, Moto Metal Wheels upgrades its repertoire of high-end, lightweight and super-durable products to maintain the same levels of interest among their loyal clientele and to attract prospective ones.

Do note that all original Moto Metal rims have diameters that start from 16-inches and go up to 24-inches. This makes their products ideal for a very large swathe of vehicle types – from sedans to hatchbacks to full-size SUVs and even UTVs.

These 3 models are their bestsellers and have recently received a few extra finishes, although the characteristics remain almost the same.

  1. Moto Metal 962: A continuation of the ethos of the legendary Moto 964, this is a cast wheel capable of handling extreme loads while traversing and conquering some of the worst terrains. It has 6 spokes and is available in sizes between 18 and 22-inches. These are what’s called ‘deep-dish’ wheels and are ideal for SUVs and pickup trucks alike.

We had a set of these Moto Metal Wheels which we tried out on our much-abused Jeep Wrangler. We also had oversized Nitto tires. With the satin black 962s, the combination was magical. The performance was, needless to say, extraordinary!

  • Moto Metal 970: While this is a pretty old range, it has recently been updated a bit. It is perhaps the best value-for-money off-roading rims for pickup trucks, and we are also including Fuel Wheels in the equation! This single-piece champion with 8 spokes is not too flashy.

With fine machining and milled edges, the 970 comes in 3 finishes. Make no mistake; it might be relatively inexpensive, but on the road and off-road, you’ll realize the full potential of the 970.

Even the 2 rival camps of Silverado-owners and F-150 lovers come together when the 970 enters the picture!

It is a modern icon.

  • MO402 Forged: This is a Monoblock wonder! Moto Metal uses T6-grade aluminum for its forged rims, and the 402 is a fine example of the balance between aggression and functionality. This has 8 rims and is essentially meant for larger and heavier vehicles. The accented spokes are certainly an eye-catcher.

While we haven’t tried out this specific model, we have heard nothing but great reviews. It also comes with a lifetime warranty for structural integrity, a staple among the big players in the market.

We occasionally visit AudioCity USA, a 33-year-old retailer on Telegraph Road in Santa Fe Springs. While it is totally up to you on where you’ll purchase your new Moto Metal Wheels, try and check out what this retailer has to offer as well!

Safe driving!


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