In this digital era, video marketing is one of the most effective and easiest ways to build business success. Impressive video content, including 2D animation videos, logo animation videos, whiteboard animation videos, typography videos, etc., will not only escalate the number of visitors but also boost the conversion rate. 

If you are actively using social media, you might have noticed that every brand is utilizing videos to showcase its ideas. Yes! Videos are taking over the news feed. It’s all because of the unique capabilities and advantages of video marketing. 

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Still pondering over why videos have revolutionized the online marketing industry? 

Need not fret! Here are some of the reasons that will surely make you believe why you should take a plunge into video marketing. 

7 Reasons Why use Video Marketing in 2021 and Beyond? 

Let’s get started… 

Videos Improve Google ranking 

If I am not wrong, then getting on the first page of Google is the end of every business. You might be putting in the best efforts to get your business noticed by Google. If that’s the case, then you should surely use videos in your marketing strategy. 

Indeed, Google loves videos. If your website includes videos, then you can easily climb the search results. Do you know youtube is the second search engine just because it is utilizing videos in the best way? So, if you want to give your business a boost then start improving your search ranking with compelling videos. 

Videos Build customer Trust

Trust is another important factor that allows you to boost your sales. By building a strong customer relation, you can easily give your company a voice. This can be done easily through videos. Appealing video content engages the audience and makes them feel emotional and connected at the same time. 

Always remember, when you become a more engaging, trustworthy, accessible, and reputable source, then more visitors will land on your website and make a purchase. As per the stats, 57% of the customer’s say that videos inspire them to purchase online. Thus, start building trustworthy relations with your audience via animated explainer videos. 

Videos Boost Conversion rate

When it comes to converting visitors into leads and then into potential customers, then videos are undoubtedly the best way to hit the goals. You will be amazed to know that organizations that are using videos on their landing pages experience a boost in their conversion rate by upto 80%. 

More and more people are asking for informative and inspiring videos. This means that people prefer watching a product in action rather than listening or reading about the same. So, what are you looking for? Start integrating videos to improve conversion rates and grow revenue faster.

Videos enhance Social Shares

When it comes to social sharing, then videos come at the top. With compelling videos, you can drive fruitful interactions by getting more and more shares. 

As per the research, it is found that posts that are shared in the form of videos get 1200% more shares in comparison to text and images. Remember, the more the number of shares, the higher the traffic and the better the sales. So, start sharing a branded video on your social platforms as it has more chances to get shares and conversions. 

Videos increase customer’s product understanding

Are you planning to start a new service? Or, getting worried about how to explain your complex concept in a much-simplified way? Well! Video is the only solution for your query. You can use videos for advertising your complex products or services in a more simplified and engaging way.

Around 98% of the people say after watching educational and attractive explainer videos, they are able to better understand the concepts and make the right decision. So, start utilizing videos to get your point across the world. 

Videos are more memorable

Do you remember the last feed that you have seen on social media? No right? Me neither. 

Usually, we come across thousands of posts in a day. And hardly we remember one or two. If you want your business posts to be one of them, then don’t ignore videos. Video content is more likely to be remembered than written content. The more people remember your brand, the higher the chances that they will make a purchase and share it with your friends and relatives. 

So, start capturing leads by adding value to your marketing efforts through videos.

Videos are appealing to mobile users 

Do you agree that most of the time is spent on mobile phones? This basically indicates that most of your target audience is mobile users. Out of all those, 90% of the people watch videos on their personalized devices. 

So, if you don’t want to lose a huge portion of traffic, then start showcasing your brand or services in the form of videos because the demand for video content will increase by 100%. Remember, the more people you approach, the better the revenue you generate. 

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The Final Verdict 

Video marketing is not new. Businesses are using it to share their thoughts in a much entertaining and powerful way. If you are all new to it, then hopefully, the reasons added above will surely inspire you to add videos to your marketing strategy. 

Still, if you want to add something to the above list or have any second thoughts, do not hesitate to share your thoughts in the comment section below. 


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