Roof top tent setup on ute

After researching for quite some time, you have finally decided to invest some bucks on the Ute Roof Top Tent. You are glad with the purchase you have made, but now comes the real task! Once the rooftop tent is delivered to your given address, it is time to install or set it up on your UTE. This is not a job that you can do on your own and need an additional pair of hands to help. So, once you and your friend are ready, it is time to open the instruction manual and start with the set-up procedure.

If you are still sceptical and can’t seem to understand the steps involved, read till the end of this article to get your queries answered.

Looking for the accessories to cover

In order to set up your Ute Roof Top Tent, there are some noted accessories you need to invest your bucks on.

·         The option that presents you with the most adjustment of forward and back positioning will be the T track system.

·         Then the next best options can either be the side rail options under standard or destroyer options.

·         Both these options are made using premium and sturdy quality aluminium and known to have a load rate of around 200kgs.

·         Furthermore, you are indeed in need of a set of cross bars to match which rail option you are planning to go with.

The tent remains folded up when you are travelling. Once you have reached your destination, you can easily set it up by folding the tent out or popping it. As you remain high above the ground, you will use a mounted ladder to enter the tent. So, this ladder will form a major component of roof top tents as well!

Focus on the difference between dynamic and static load

There are different forms of roof racks that you can choose from and the most important point is to look for the weight it can support. You have to pay attention towards two different aspects and those are:

·         Dynamic load capacity

·         Static load capacity

Always remember that Ute Roof Top Tent can be pretty heavy. The roof rack needs to support the entire weight of the tent along with the residents inside. It should hold the weight of the tent when you are moving.

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