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Tony Stark who is also known as Iron Man was one of the most intelligent people and the son of Howard Stark who helped Nick Fury create the S.H.I.E.L.D and helped Captain America against Hydra. He created most of the technologies for S.H.I.E.L.D. Tony Stark learned about this when he came across Nick Fury and became part of the Avengers. During the Avengers: Endgame he died while embracing the power of the Infinity Stones and died a hero’s death.

One of the things about Tony was that he took certain actions in his life that were very stupid and created more threats from himself and from the people he knew. You can notice some of these mistakes made by him in the Iron Man and Avengers movies using Spectrum TV Select packages by Spectrum. For now, let’s have a look at some events that led to further events in the MCU:

Creation of Mysterio

Even after the death of Tony Stark, he continued to create more enemies who hated him and his world. One of them was Quentin Beck who met Peter Parker and presented himself as a superhero from another universe. However, he was one of the people who created B.A.R.F. during Captain America: Civil War. Beck tried to take away this and many other technologies as the company didn’t credit him for his work.

Trusting Obadiah in Iron Man 1

Tony has a thing to be surrounded by people who stay around even before the Avengers came into existence. He had some old and helpful allies including Col. Rhodes and Pepper Potts who were with them for so many years. There was also Obadiah Stane who worked with Tony’s father and helped him at Stark Industries as a business partner. He became Tony’s mentor after his father’s death. But he became one of the people who tried to kill Tony and get control of the entire business. When he created the Iron Monger, Tony learned his life lesson about trusting people in life.

Insulting Killian in Iron Man 1
Aldrich Killian who is also known as the Mandarin is another villain who came into existence because of Tony’s reckless and selfish behavior. He came across Tony during a conference where he wanted to talk to him and Tony tells him to meet him on the roof and discuss a project he was working on. He is another villain who is formed out of Tony’s selfish behavior. This inspires Killian and become one of the most notorious supervillains and kills many innocent people including Pepper who was almost killed.

Revealing His Identity as Iron Man

This was one of the most iconic and historic moments in the Marvel Universe where Tony openly revealed that he was the man inside the Iron Mask or Iron Man. This was one of the biggest mistakes that were made by Tony Stark as this increased the chances of him, his company, and many other people who were close to him. This also seemed to be an action that he did out of ego or anger or without giving out a second thought.

Not Preparing The Avengers For Thanos

After the events of the Civil War, Iron Man and Steve had their terms of operations, and to a certain
Following the events of the Civil War, Tony and Steve are not on speaking terms. When Earth gets attacked by Thanos, he realizes that it is about time to put all differences aside and join hands with Steve Rogers AKA Captain America, and joins Doctor Strange to take on Thanos. Doctor Strange suggests that the Avengers put aside all their differences and join forces, which did not happen. This resulted in Thanos to win and wipe out half of the universe just by a snap of his fingers.

The Creation Of Ultron

Tony Stark knew all the time that there is a bigger threat ahead of that the Avengers have to face in the upcoming times. Though he had very little knowledge that the approaching threat would be Thanos: The Mad Titan at the moment. He had a vision of creating a suit of armor that would protect the earth in case things go out of their hands. Though he was right about it, his way of doing things and achieving his goal almost destroyed the world. Tony`created Ultron which was a super-intelligent AI-based robot that became conscious and saw the Avengers and human beings as the real threat and planned to vanquish them

Final Words
In the end, it won’t be wrong to say that no matter how good Tony Stark became a superhero, many of his actions make him a reckless and careless individual. You can have an idea about these references from the Iron Man and Avengers movies as well.


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