The shower is an integral part of a comfortable lifestyle. It should not only meet the requirements of hygiene and sanitation, but also contribute to the creation of conditions that allow you to relax, stimulate and relax as much as possible. For this reason, the purchase and installation of a structure cannot be reduced to a purely technical process. A shower for water procedures is a key element, its choice should be taken carefully.

Design options for bathroom showers by mounting method

On the modern domestic market there is a huge selection of shower cabins of various configurations and modifications. In response to consumer demand, manufacturers are creating a large-sized design for large bathrooms and a compact one for small spaces. Shower heads differ in the principle of operation, additional functions and material of manufacture.

An important technical characteristic is the type of attachment of the shower head. There are two main ways to attach a shower structure:

  • Stationary-It is divided into two options: wall and ceiling. Thus, shower heads are most often fixed in cabins and boxes. The main holders of the systems are brackets and additional fittings.
  • With flexible hose- This is the so-called manual model, when the holder for the watering can be installed on the side of the bathtub or be part of the faucet design. This shower head with hose is a very convenient option, as it allows you to quickly and effortlessly redirect the water jet to the right place.
  • The last types of shower heads attachment is often used for small spaces. This is also practical if the bathtub occupies an island position in the room.

Stationary and manual functions are often combined in watering cans and showers, i.e; the shower head can be used in an upright position or removed and the spray can be directed in the desired direction.

Types of materials used in the manufacture of shower heads

At a cursory glance at the shower heads, the information on the price tags is not always clear. A prototype with a shiny chrome finish and interesting additional features can cost much less than a modest and compact version with a standard feature set. The reason for this is the material from which the main bearing parts are made.

Helpful advice! When choosing shower heads, it is important to determine the quality characteristics of not only the main parts, but also gaskets, bushings, connectors and other connecting elements.

For the manufacture of shower heads, the following materials can be used:

  • Metal- Strong, durable with certain processing methods. For a long time retains an aesthetic appearance.
  • Plastic-The material is lightweight, inexpensive, easy to use. It has a limited-service life.
  • Metal-plastic- Products have an external coating of plastic, while the internal parts are made of copper or brass. The plastic layer performs protective and decorative functions.
  • Quartz glass and stone- Products are distinguished by complex manufacturing technology, and therefore the price is high. Exclusive models are made from these materials. High quality, durability and visual appeal combined with good performance are the main characteristics of shower heads made from these materials.

Among the typical models, which are distinguished by high performance and aesthetic qualities, are products made of bronze and brass. They are beautiful in appearance and durable. Among the functional and affordable should include plastic shower heads.


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