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Shower handles that stand up can increase the safety of those who needs support to stand up or move around a shower or tub. Additionally, having a handle for stability and to pull or push on to ambulate can result in less risk of falling and slippage in showers where the floor is slippery and dangerous. These are helpful for those with disabilities or elderly adults who are losing physical strength and balance.As as we age, little chores we used to do without thinking about begin to become more difficult. Some of these tasks can become downright dangerous as you age. Bathing or showering is one example of a chore. According to a study carried out through the CDC, of the non-fatal bathroom injury cases documented as of 200837.3 percent of the injuries occurred while bathing, showering or taking a bath or shower. There are many ways to avoid injuries and falls in the bathroom. Bath mats with non-slip surfaces are a excellent start, as are shower shoes that are non-slip. Another very useful addition to your bathroom is to put grab rails or shower stand rails into your bath or shower to avoid slipping.that’s what we’ll discuss in this article: how to select the right shower grab handle or bar, and using YouTube videos, some instructions on how to set them up.

Choosing the Correct Shower Standing Handles

To clarify it is important to understand that an shower “standing” handle here is any handle that can be used to move from a sitting to standing position. These could be handles that are various sizes based on the dimensions of the shower and the abilities/limits of the end user. Handles of this type are often referred to for their grab bars. Although they are able to shift from a sitting or standing position, where they’re installed on the shower wall impacts the way they’re used and we’ll be focusing specifically at standing i.e. shifting from a sitting place to a standing position or from a seated posture to a seated position (wheelchair for shower for example). In the latter case scenario, something similar to a shower transfer bench together with smaller grab bars works best. The same principles are applicable to standing handles just as they apply to grab bars, however. This post can serve both of these applications. Fixed rails are more secure and are thus more secure and safer. They require some effort to set up and once they’re placed in their place, it’s an immense task to move them to a different location if you have not placed them in the right spot. There is also the issue of repairing the holes when you have them removed. Removable rails aren’t recommended when you’re going to have to support your full body weight, as they depend on suction for grip. This means they will not be secure and may not be able to hold your weight. The benefit is that they can be easily moved in the event of need and can be used for travel.

What Is the Best Size for a Shower Handle?

Shower handles or grab bars are available in a variety of sizes from 9 inches to 42 inches. A grab bar that is installed on the shower wall to assist when getting in to and out from the shower should have at least inches long. A bar this is this large can be positioned at an angle. This will benefit those of different heights will be using it or if it will be used from both sitting and standing positions . A grab bar that is intended for use as an aid to balance can be shorter, but it should not be less than 12” long.

What is the Correct Height for a Shower Handle?

There is no set height for grab bars and shower rails. But the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards for Accessible Design recommends specific standards for heights that are used by institutions and commercial facilities.

For horizontal grab bars For grab bars that are horizontal, the ADA Standards require a height between 33 and 36 inches from the finished floor of the shower or tub.

Use this as a guide But it is important to choose a comfortable height for the person who is going to use the bar. An exercise you can carry out before making bars is to encourage the person to be using the bar to walk into from the shower and walk out. It is important to imagine that the person is feeling tired or dizzy, and then try to determine where s/he would naturally turn to for assistance. This should give you a better idea of where to put the bar.

Should Grab Bars be Vertical or Horizontal?

According to the South Canterbury District Health Board Hand rails which are intended for security purposes when getting through the door and exiting the bathroom need to remain vertical. The bottom of the grip should be the elbow’s level while standing with your arms at your sidesHorizontal rails are more useful for helping balance when being within the bath. Horizontal rails should be placed on the same side as the shower’s wall at the belly button’s height. The rail is useful to stand in the shower, as and when entering the shower.

How Much Weight Will a Grab Bar Hold?

Grab bars should be able to hold 250 pounds. Fixed grab bars that are properly mounted will be able to do this. Removable grab bars cannot be guaranteed to support this weight.When choosing a grab bar, choose one that is ADA compliant. The ADA demands that grab bars be strong enough to support a load over 500 pounds. You’ll need to decide the need for this according to the person who will use the bar.

Moen 24” Bathroom Handle

The Moen 24 Inch Bathroom Handle is fashionable and premium. It is constructed of stainless steel, which will complement the decor of the majority of bathrooms. Concealed screws ensure a chic appearance. When properly installed, it will be able to support a weight up 500 pounds. It is fitted with the SecureMount style, however, the SecureMounts and studs aren’t included.

Invisia Grab Bars – Great for Tubs

Invisia creates high-end (and thus more costly) shower handles that are more expensive. It’s one of their specialties, so they do it well so they’re not only tough but they also look good. If you’re looking for an adjustable shower handle to accommodate tub use too they offer handles which fit around the faucet’s control area, over the dish for soap, and they also have the toilet paper holder to aid in making it easier to get on and off the toilet easily.Moen’s flip-up bathroom grab Bar is perfect for any home where individuals with different ages share bathrooms. It can be easily removed when no longer needed and ready in a flash to anyone who needs it. It is ADA certified and can hold up to 300 pounds. It is 30 inches long and is a diameter of 1.25 inches.

Gotega Two Pack Shower Grab Bar

This Gotega Two Pack Shower Grab Bar is perfect for installing a bathroom for an elderly person , and will be needing several support handles. Both bars are twelve inches long, and they have the size of .98 inches. The stainless steel bars are able to hold a weight of 500 pounds or more. Screws and flanges are also included for easy installation and simple.


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