Landscaper In Rochester NY
Landscaper In Rochester NY


There are some warning signs that your lawn needs professional landscaping services. These include poor drainage, erosion, and lack of fertilizer. You may also notice that your grass is becoming thin, and thatching is not occurring. The best way to prevent this problem is to have a professional landscaper come out and inspect your lawn.

Erosion of the grass

Erosion of the grass is a common problem in Ann Arbor, MI. This problem occurs when water runoff and other weather factors cause soil particles to move. This process removes topsoil and leaves patches of grass and dirt. This problem can result in a damaged lawn and can lead to the growth of undesirable plants. It can also worsen the foundation of your house.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to minimize or eliminate erosion. A professional landscaping service can install rain gardens, replace eroded areas, and plant native plants to reduce the chances of flooding.

Lack of fertilizer

Lack of fertilizer can be one of the most telling signs that your lawn needs professional landscaping services. In the early stages of a phosphorous deficiency, grass will appear blue-green with purple-red edges. This indicates a need for phosphorous-heavy fertilizers like aged cow manure or heat-dried poultry manure.

To get an even layer of fertilizer, clean your lawn thoroughly a few days before applying it. This will help the fertilizer penetrate the soil and prevent runoff. You should apply the fertilizer by starting at the perimeter and working up and down. Make sure to cover every area. If you can, plan on applying fertilizer twice a year.

Lack of fertilizer can also lead to problems with weeds, and your lawn may not produce as many grass clippings as it used to. Other symptoms include yellow-green grass, slow growth, and low density. Fortunately, there are solutions for these issues. Some of the most common ones involve grasscycling and poultry manure.

Lack of dethatching

Dethatching is a standard service needed by lawns with warm and cool-season grasses. Ideally, dethatching takes place in late spring or early summer. However, it should not be performed during the peak of summer, as this can stress the grassroots. In addition, dethatching should not be done in areas prone to drought.

To determine if your lawn needs dethatching, cut a small grass plug and measure the amount of thatch on the surface. If it’s over half an inch thick, your lawn needs dethatching. A healthy thatch layer helps deliver nutrients and moisture to the grass. It also provides natural pest protection. It is essential to schedule dethatching work during a growing season so the grass can fully recover.

Lack of weed control

Weed control is crucial to the health of your lawn, and it should be performed by a professional. This will keep the lawn resistant to pests and disease. Professional services can also incorporate an Integrated Pest Management Program, which uses organic insect controls. In early summer, grubs can infest lawns, causing them to become patchy, brown and scorched.

Research their insurance and licensing policies to avoid hiring an inexperienced weed control service. The company should be able to show proof of its insurance coverage in case of accidents or property damage. Choosing a company with a reputation for doing good work is also essential. Reputable companies will also display their license number on their company vehicles and website.


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