A computer repairs service technician is an employee who fixes computers, servers, and networks. They also maintain computer networks and install software. Job descriptions for a computer repair technician are varied. Salary and job description can be found here. A computer repair technician may also build hardware and install the software. The ideal candidate should be familiar with the hardware, software, and network design.

Job description

Computer technicians diagnose computer issues, troubleshoot systems, and install software. The technicians usually work with clients to determine the problem and come up with a solution. In addition, they take care of customer service and market their business. They also perform repairs on computer systems and other equipment. Computer technicians also need to understand the workings of various operating systems and components. They also have to read and review technical support manuals.

A computer repair technician’s duties range from troubleshooting internal system errors to troubleshooting malware and viruses. They may also be responsible for maintaining company websites, setting up DNS servers, and administering e-mail and outlook exchange servers. Technicians also need to perform basic repairs over the phone and diagnose network connectivity issues.

Education required

If you are interested in a career in computer repairs, you should earn a certification from a reputable training program. Many employers prefer employees who have gained experience in the field and have obtained industry certifications. If you’re not sure what kind of education is necessary, consider obtaining a certificate or associate’s degree in computer maintenance.

The education required for computer repairs service varies depending on the type of company you work for. A high school diploma can be sufficient, but many employers prefer those who have an associate’s degree in a related field.


A computer repair technician can be self-motivated and have excellent people skills. They can specialize in various areas and expand into multiple locations. With enough experience, they can advance to supervisor and management positions. They can work with laptops, software, and networks, and they can also specialize in computer forensics.

A computer repair technician can earn a range of salaries, including overtime compensation. Employment in this field is expected to decrease slightly over the next decade, as computers become more reliable and software is more complex. As a result, fewer repairs are necessary. However, there is a high demand for computer repair technicians.

The average salary for a computer repair technician is about $47,132 per year. This is a slightly higher salary than the average for similar careers in the United States. The middle 57% of computer repair technicians earn between $55,465 and $61,460, while the top 86% earn over $74,573. This salary is not too low, but it is lower than the average salary for data analysts and content managers. The job market is projected to grow at an average rate of 11.3% by 2022.


A computer repair service for employers has several advantages. First of all, this type of business is not limited to the workplace. It can be run from home or be a full-fledged business with a storefront. As with any other business, there are many requirements that need to be met. For example, you will need a business license and employee identification number. You will also need to purchase business insurance to protect your assets. Additionally, you will need to pay building rent and utility expenses.

A computer repairs service for employers will have to have insurance coverage for their employees. This will help cover medical expenses and partial lost wages, in the event of an accident. The laws that govern this type of insurance are regulated at the state level. To get a quote for this type of insurance, an IT business can visit Insureon. The website lets them compare quotes from top U.S. carriers and can begin coverage within 24 hours.


Whether you’re offering online computer repair services or on-site repairs, location flexibility can be an important aspect of operating a computer repair service business. While some businesses do require a physical location, others can operate completely from home. This option allows for lower overhead, no commute, and flexible hours.


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