Client database management refers to how a business track customer information and provide feedback to give organizations an efficient way of accessing their customers.

The database management in organizations uses specific software to reach out to their esteemed customers and maintain a good relationship with them.

In the case of beauty salons, this software helps salon owners manage their business operations effectively to ensure that all customer records are handled and updated whenever an activity occurs. Some of the functions that salon software does are that it enhances making appointments, scheduling appointments, and also help in the client database management process.

Benefits of Having Good Software for Database Management in a Beauty Salon

There lies a huge difference between managing customers’ information in an excel sheet and having a CRM. CRM saves time and does not require much paperwork or overthinking. Let’s have a look at these benefits:

  • Improves Customer Experience –   A beauty salon with good CRM software helps create a better buyer journey as conversations are enhanced swiftly.
  • Increases Sales Productivity – Since there are fewer unnecessary tasks, there will be extra time spent on closing deals and enhancing productivity.
  • Increased Pipeline – Because there is staff motivation, they can have focused sales pipelines after receiving good client feedback.

Top 5 Software for Client Database Management in Beauty Salons


DIKIDI is a free online booking client management software widely used by many businesses. It is a software that has thrived well in the salon business because of the ease of use of the automation tools to book appointments, schedule and reschedule appointments and trigger alerts on any new products the salon is launching. 

What DIKIDI software does to its customers

  • Use premium placement on the catalog
  • Communicate to customers
  • Book appointments 
  • Salons database management


  • Sales Automation
  • Call tracking
  • Management of contacts
  • Sales management
  • Rescheduling appointments
  • Online booking
  • Service promotions
  • Loyalty programs


Keap CRM software brings high attention to small salon businesses starting because of its ease of use interface. For those starters looking to keep things single without major customizations, be sure Keap is the software to look out for.  

It helps the salon managers get an all-in-one sale and perfume a marketing automation set to help small beauty salons grow.


  • Email Marketing 
  • Text Marketing
  • Appointments
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Sales pipelines
  • CRM
  • Lead management
  • Sales automation
  • Effective online  communication

Monday is a software designed with a mind to boost the team’s alignment, efficiency, and productivity in mind. It is an easy-to-use platform with the components of basic functionality that enables one to track leads, close sales, and maintain customer records.

With the automation ability, salons can now save time on repetitive tasks and save for other critical functions.


  • Customer Support
  • Contact management
  • Maintain sales pipeline
  • Manage orders
  • Capture leads
  • Communicate with clients
  • Manage salons database
  • Help in marketing activities


Ontraport CRM software is designed for all businesses, both large and small. It provides one with all the tools necessary for tracking sales, closing, marketing, and managing a  business in an online capacity.

It is a fairly extensive and provides a range of useful features.


  • Marketing automation
  • Mobile app
  • Sales pipeline
  • Customer center and support
  • Database management
  • Reports and analytics


Tidio is a CRM system that has grown to provide services to small and medium beauty salons to offer outstanding customer service. It’s one of the top-rated platforms that has connected dozens of e-commerce tools and platforms in a few minutes.


  • Live chat
  • Mobile app
  • Chat box
  • Tidio AI
  • Offline messages
  • Email automation
  • Data management

Factors to Consider When Buying  Client Database Management in Beauty Salon

  • Ease of use – Look for software that is customer friendly and easy to use with simple triggers and good workflow automation.
  • Cost of Purchase – Ensure that the purchase and management costs are manageable depending on your budget. This will give you a seamless use without any disconnections due to lack of payment updates and inconvenience customers
  • Data Uniformity – This is critical because it will help the staff close and update leads automatically, and as such, stop productivity is easily measured.


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