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About STYL Token

STYL token is backed by Fashion TV and Stylike application. It is used as a reward in the Stylike application where users first purchase their NFTS and style their avatars to take part in competitions.

STYL is a new currency of fashion and is ready to take over the internet. An exciting feature of STYL is its limited supply and coin-burning mechanism. Stylike application has already been audited by various crypto exchanges.


STYL to List on Binance & Coinmarketcap in September 2022

This is a major update for the Stylike community and STYL holders. STYL will be listed on Binance and coinmaketcap in September. Stylike application is already audited by Binance and STYL has fulfilled all the requirements for Binance listing and it will be listed on the world’s major crypto exchanges.

When an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is listed on an exchange it gives the public an opportunity to purchase that ICO in what results in a token sale. Tokens are purchased by investors who are interested in the company behind the ICO and with that token purchase, the investor can use it as they please whether that be for trading, a form of currency to purchase goods or services or to show a stake in the company.

When a token is listed on an exchange it is important to note if that token is considered a security or a utility. If the token is considered a Security Token Offering (STO) then it will be regulated and compliant with existing laws established by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) around securities.

Created on its own blockchain, tokens are built and used as crowdfunding for an ICO in a distribution, transaction, and circulation capacity but they can also be used for investment purposes as a crypto asset/unit of value. Before you purchase a token, it’s important to understand the differences between tokens as there can be legal regulations and implications to what kind of token you invest, sell, purchase, and complete transactions with.