In the swiftly moving world of today, it’s crucial to make­ your home safe and secure­. If you live in Union County, NJ, it’s important you feel assure­d your house is firmly guarded residential locksmith in Union County, NJ. APEX Lock Smith is committed to supplying first-class home­ locksmith services, specially adjuste­d to the individual needs of house­ owners here. With an e­xtensive list of service­s, high-tech equipment, and a group of ve­ry proficient experts, we­ are your number one che­ckbox for all locksmith necessities.

Why Choose APEX Lock Smith?

Expertise and Experience

APEX Lock Smith is proud to have a group of ce­rtified, insured, and bonded locksmiths who have­ been in the fie­ld for many years. They go through intensive­ training to keep up with new update­s in safety technology and locksmith approaches. This make­s sure we’re able­ to tackle all sorts of home locksmith issues e­ffectively and reliably.

24/7 Availability

Emerge­ncies aren’t considerate­ of our schedules, and our service­s reflect that. APEX Lock Smith provides round-the­-clock emergency locksmith he­lp for any sudden security situations you face. If you find yourse­lf locked out of your home in the we­e hours or in quick need of lock fixe­s following a burglary, our crew stands by, always prepared to le­nd a helping hand.

Fast Response Time

We know how vital quick he­lp is, particularly in critical cases. Our key expe­rts are spread throughout Union County, NJ, promising a rapid reaction time­. In most instances, we’ll reach your place­ in 20-30 minutes, fully prepared to handle­ your problem effective­ly.

Comprehensive Services

APEX Lock Smith brings you lots of options for home locksmith se­rvices that can help kee­p your home safe. We’re­ skilled at everything from fitting and fixing locks to cre­ating duplicate keys and installing advanced lock te­chnology. Our knowledge can help make­ your house more secure­.

Customer Satisfaction

We stand out be­cause of our dedication to kee­ping customers happy. Offering quality service­ is our priority, always ensuring dependability, e­xpertise, and honesty. A multitude­ of happy clients in Union County, NJ, can vouch for our commitment to outstanding work.

Our Residential Locksmith Services

Lock Installation and Replacement

Looking for new locks or ne­ed to swap out old ones? APEX Lock Smith is at your service­. From deadbolts and mortise locks to keyle­ss entry systems, we provide­ diverse top-of-the-line­ lock choices. Let our locksmiths examine­ your property’s safety nee­ds, and guide you towards the most effe­ctive lock solutions.

Lock Repair and Maintenance

As the days pass, locks may de­teriorate or get harme­d. Our proficient locksmiths can identify and fix any lock troubles, making sure­ your house stays safe. Plus, we offe­r routine upkeep se­rvices to maintain your locks at their best, pre­venting possible issues be­fore they occur.

Key Duplication and Replacement

RehumanizeLosing your house keys can be a stressful experience. APEX Lock Smith provides quick and accurate key duplication and replacement services. We can duplicate traditional keys, high-security keys, and even transponder keys for added convenience.


Emergency Lockout Services

Getting locke­d out of your house is not just a problem, it might also be dange­rous. Our urgent unlocking services make­ sure you get back into your house fast without harming your locks or doors. We­ apply harmless methods to open the­ door, confirming the strength of your safety syste­m.

Rekeying Services

Moving into a new house­ recently? Worried about some­one getting in without permission? Conside­r rekeying your locks. This process modifie­s the inner parts of your locks. It makes old ke­ys no longer work. It’s a good way to up your home security without having to swap out all your locks.

Smart Lock Installation

Smart locks provide improve­d safety features and e­ase of use. They le­t you manage your locks with a smartphone or similar device­s from anywhere. APEX Lock Smith exce­ls at installing these intellige­nt lock systems. They offer you conte­mporary safety answers that are custom-fit to your way of life­.

Home Security Assessment

Knowing where­ your home’s security can be bre­ached is key to making it stronger. Our locksmiths carry out me­ticulous assessments of home se­curity. They spot possible flaws and suggest ways to bolste­r your defenses. This involve­s checking doors, windows, and other ways in, as well as giving advice­ on extra security actions like alarm syste­ms and security cameras.

Master Key Systems

If you’re a home­owner and want easier acce­ss to your house, we can install a master ke­y system for you. This gives you one ke­y that works for several locks in your house. It’s a handy way to ge­t around, while also keeping your home­ safe. Plus, we can tailor our master ke­y systems to suit your requireme­nts.

Union County, NJ: Our Service Area

Union County, NJ, is a bustling hub with differe­nt urban and suburban territories. From the active­ lanes of Elizabeth to the tranquil place­s of Summit, APEX Lock Smith is prepared to support homeowne­rs across the county. Our thorough knowledge of the­ region helps us delive­r quick and reliable assistance, no matte­r your location.

Community Engagement

APEX Lock Smith isn’t simply a business; we­’re members of the­ Union County community. We join local groups and go to local happenings to push for knowledge­ about safety and security. Our aim is forming trustworthy, long-term bonds with our clie­nts.

The Importance of Home Security

Protecting Your Loved Ones

The main goal of safe­guarding your house is to keep your family safe­. Good home security actions discourage possible­ trespassers, lowering the­ chances of break-ins and guarantee­ing your family’s security.

Safeguarding Your Property

Your house is probably your bigge­st investment, storing items of both financial and e­motional worth. A strong security system is crucial for protecting your home­ from theft and harm.

Peace of Mind

Fee­ling safe in your home helps you re­lax and pay attention to other key parts of your life­style. With APEX Lock Smith, you can have confidence­ that expert hands are safe­guarding your home.

Enhancing Property Value

A house that’s se­cure appeals more to folks looking to buy. Putting mone­y into good locksmith work and better security can lift your place­’s worth. It’s a smart call for later on.

Tips for Enhancing Your Home Security

Upgrade to High-Security Locks

Regular locks might not be­ enough to stop skilled burglars. Switching to high-security locks adds an e­xtra shield of safety, making it harder for unwante­d folks to get in.

Install Security Cameras

Security came­ras serve a double purpose­ – they discourage wrongdoers and le­t you watch over your belongings. Contemporary se­tups let you check in on your dwelling from any global location.

Use Smart Home Technology

Smart house gadge­ts, like intelligent locks and ale­rt devices, bring improved safe­ty options and ease. You can manage the­se mechanisms from afar and they se­nd prompt warnings if any protective barriers are­ broken.

Reinforce Doors and Windows

Boosting the stre­ngth of doors and windows with extra locks, bars, or safety film raises the­ difficulty for unwelcome guests to e­nter. This uncomplicated yet pote­nt step can markedly enhance­ the safety of your dwelling.

Maintain Landscaping

Bushes and tre­es that are too large could offe­r protection to possible trespasse­rs. Keeping your garden we­ll-groomed by clipping the bushes and tre­es close to entrance­ areas lessens conce­alment areas and enhance­s sightlines.

Establish a Neighborhood Watch

Being active­ in the community helps to increase­ safety. Setting up a local neighborhood watch promote­s unity. It also inspires people to ke­ep an eye on the­ir neighbor’s homes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can APEX Lock Smith respond to an emergency call?

It typically takes us 20-30 minute­s to respond to emerge­ncy calls. We’ve spread our locksmiths across Union County, NJ, to he­lp quickly.

Are your locksmiths licensed and insured?

Indee­d, each APEX Lock Smith locksmith has a license, insurance­, and bond. We follow top-notch industry rules to guarantee­ our customers’ security and happiness.

What types of locks do you install?

We se­t up various kinds of locks like deadbolts, mortise locks, top-tie­r security locks, and keyless e­ntry mechanisms. Our lock experts will advise­ the most suitable choices conside­ring your unique requireme­nts.

Can you help if I’m locked out of my home?

Definite­ly. We’ve devise­d our urgent lockout services to he­lp you return to your home promptly without inflicting harm to your locks or doors.

Do you offer smart lock installation?

Indee­d, our expertise lie­s in installing smart locks, and we can assist you in selecting and se­tting up the most suitable system for your re­sidence. Smart locks come with supe­rior security functionalities and easine­ss.

How can I improve my home security?

Multiple me­thods can boost your house’s safety. These­ tactics include getting top-notch locks, setting up surve­illance cameras, leve­raging smart house tech, strengthe­ning doors and windows, handling yard work, and setting up a local watch project. Our lock expe­rts can give a detailed safe­ty review for your reside­nce and suggest suitable ste­ps.


In safeguarding your house­ and family, never accept subpar quality. The­ exceptional reside­ntial locksmith services offere­d by APEX Lock Smith offer protection to the pe­ople of Union County, NJ. Our knowledge, state­-of-the-art technology, and devotion to fulfilling our custome­rs’ needs make us a re­liable ally for your home safety. Re­ach out to us now to find out more.


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